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Frantic Flea

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Unlimited lives

Unlimited lives

Locate the two extra lives in the last stage of the Whacky Labs Zone. Collect both of them, then intentionally lose your current life. Repeat this process until you accumulate twelve total lives, then resume game play with unlimited lives. Click here


LLQCK Zone 1-1 ZMTHT Zone 1-2 GPPQW Zone 1-3 DJXCT Zone 2-1 WLCSN Zone 2-2 RLHQZ Zone 2-3 JMGVB Zone 3-1 NRWPC Zone 3-2 MDWQL Zone 3-3 MJDSX Zone 4-1 HFLNT Zone 4-2 SPQNG Zone 4-3 DTNZZ Zone 5-1 KQRXH Zone 5-2 JBVMF Zone 5-3 VSNXD Zone 6-1 GRXBS Zone 6-2 WNHJP Zone 6-3 STCVC Prison

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