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Demon's Crest

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GDBFYLFVHZJSZHCS Stage 1 HDDMNTKBHQLFXKLD Stage 2 VWNPXSQXCGBHBPJP Stage 3 DKHHUMBHCSWNKMMQ Stage 4 YZHFMMXKVJDRGMWQ Stage 5 PBGXRVNGKGKXWRZB Stage 6 FDQP QRMB FGNH GTKL Play as the Ultimate Gargoyle For there to be no enemies except for Bosses, at the password screen enter RBNL, XHGB, VGBB, BLYLD and then go to the end and press start.
Sent in by Brian P. Lesyk To warp to the end of the game with all of the items collected and to see the best ending, type in the following code: YDGM QRMB FGJB JTZB
RBNL XHGB There will be no enemies, just bosses. VGBB LYLD PDQM RRMV All items. FWGX DTSG QFFF KNRR 4th ending. DDLR XGTQ

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