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Canon Flodder

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BCBCY Level 1 SCSDX Level 2 CDBGW Level 3 TDSHT Level 4 HGDKS Level 5 SGPLR Level 6 GHBNP Level 7 XHSPN Levle 8 WKLPR Levle 9 DKWPR Level 10 HLDRG Levle 11 RLWRY Level 12 DNHSX Level 13 NNSTT Level 14 XPBWR Level 15 NPSXD Level 16 BRDYN Levle 17 DRWYZ Level 18 WSLZX Level 19 NTCCS Level 20 Enter QNFJR on the password screen. Ignore the INVALID message and start a new game. Now when you wish to skip a level press Select.

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