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Bulls VS Blazers and the NBA Playoffs

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First Round vs. Cavs CXLBBCBN Game 1 CXLBLCBP Game 2 CXLBLBVG Game 3 CXQBLCV Game 4 First Round: Bulls vs. Pacers ZXLBBCBX Game 1 ZXVBBBVN Game 2 ZXQBBCV# Game 3 Second Round vs. Miami Heat CXZBLHVP Game 1 CXZBLFVT Game 2 CXZCLFWZ Game 3 CXZB2FVT Game 4 CXZB2KVR Game 5 CXZC2KW2 Game 6 CXXC2CW6 Game 7 Second Round: Bulls vs. Knicks ZXQBBHVV Game 1 ZXQBBFV5 Game 2 ZXQBBKV6 Game 3 Third Round (semi-finals) vs. Pistons CXXC2WW8 Game 1 CXXC2MW4 Game 2 CXXC23W3 Game 3 CXOC2CWO Game 4 Third Round: Bulls vs. Knicks ZXNBBCV9 Game 1 ZXNBBWV8 Game 2 ZXNBBMV6 Game 3 ZXNBB3V7 Game 4 NBA Finals: Bulls vs. Blazers CXOW2CWZ Game 1 CXOW4CWJ Game 2 CXOM4CWF Game 3 CXOM3CVV Game 4 CXOM5CVC Game 5 CXO35CVC Game 6 CXW32CVS Championship Screen Final Round: Bulls vs. Jazz ZXSBBCV4 Game 1 ZXSBDCVX Game 2 ZXOBCCVN Game 3 ZXOBFCVF Game 4 ZXWBBCVF Championship Screen

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