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Bubsy in Claws Encounter of the Furred Kind

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Reset the game


Sent in by Mike K To get to the password, press select at the Title Screen. JSSCTS Level 1 CKBGMM Level 2 SCTWMN Level 3 MKBRLN Level 4 LBLNRD Level 5 JMDKRK Level 6 STGRTN Level 7 SBBSHC Level 8 DBKRRB Level 9 MSFCTS Level 10 KMGRBS Level 11 SLJMBG Level 12 TGRTVN Level 13 CCLDSL Level 14 BTLLMB Level 15 STCJDH Level 16

Reset the game

While playing the game, simultaneously press and hold Select and Start to reset the game.

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