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Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition

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Sent in by Clint Sonoda Pass the first level and add the block and number 6 to the following diagram for your password to load a game. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX**X XXXXXXXXX Where the two asterisks are in the diagram above, place the square block and 6 to give you a few thousand dollars, I think it was $36,000 or something like that (Don't remember, might be a lot more like $300,000). But I know that those two control the amount of money you will have, you can play around and fit other combinations in there; but I find that the square block and six work best.
Sent in by Matt Pietszak 0QFBBBLLB BBLKF4TFW N8PGBBBB7 This code starts you on the third day of Lake Calabas, you have a full tackle box the best reel, rod, engine, and fishfinder. You start out in first place with 113 pounds, 14 ounces and $10,160
1M0CVBLB BNLHSB043 LVSQBC0BH Pro Circuit, Lake Calabases, Day 3 0LFBBBLLB BBLKF4TFW N8PGBBBBG Final Day: Lake Calabasas, Day 3, Amature Circuit

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