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Bass Masters Classic

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Sent in by Jennifer Forgey *=A STAR []=A SQUARE Pebble Pond J0JCBFQlL W0LC5QBBG Day 2 BM52LVBVF J4JCBFNlL W0LFR4BBG Day 3 BM52LVCBS Eagel Lake NVJCBFNlL W0LBBBCH0 Day 1 BM52BBCVG N407J7**9 W0RBBBD2G Day 2 C7XNLVCVS N407J7**9 W0RF2GB34 Day 3 C7XNLVCVS Lake Ronkonkoma SV0TJ7**9 W0RBBBD2G Day 1 C7XNBBDNQ S0DTJ7**9 WORC[]LD2G Day 2 FN*QBBDN[] S4DTJ7**9 W0RF18D26 Day 3 FN*QBBDN8

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