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Alien 3

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Different abilities


QUESTION Start on Stage 2 MASTERED Start on Stage 3 MOTORWAY Start on Stage 4 CABINETS Start on Stage 5 SQUIRREL Start on Stage 6
Sent in by Jonathan Tensen Put in the password OVERGAME to see the ending sequence. Click here

Different abilities

During gameplay, press A, B, Y, X on Controller 2. On Controller 1, press A. The number 1 will appear in the top left corner under the weapons info. The number determines the ability you gain. 1 - Invincibility 2 - No Damage 3 - Invincibility 4 - Unlimited Weapons 5 - Unlimited Weapons, Invincibility 6 - Unlimited Weapons, No Damage 7 - Unlimited Weapons, Invincibility Each time you wish to change the number, enter the code (A, B, Y, X) again on Controller 2. On Controller 1, you can press B to advance 2 numbers at a time or X for 4 at a time.

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