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Top Gear 2000

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Reviewed by Zig I rented Top Gear 2000 cause a friend of mine had said before that it was a good game. And he was right! The game rules! It's one of the best racing games I've played for the Super Nintendo.

Graphics 70 out of 100

The graphics are good, not the best I've seen for a SNES game, but still better than a lot of games I've played. The cars look pretty realistic although I was they would have license plates on them, it looks kinda weird seeing a car with no license anyway, that's not that big of a deal though. The tracks and the backgrounds are good, too.

Music and Sound 60 out of 100

The music is pretty good. Some of the songs can get a little annoying, but your too busy paying attention to the turns and the other cars to get bugged by it. The sound is okay, nothing really impressed me to much, but it's not that bad. Although the steering does get old.

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

This is a prefect example of how a game should be in challenge. It goes from not that hard and then gradually increases in difficulty.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

This is the best part of the game! It's a lot of fun on the one player mode, but it's even better when your racing with a friend. It's great going from 10th place and then using a nitro and flying by tons of other cars. Also upgrading your car and changing it's color is really cool.

Game Value 90 out of 100

Defiantly. It would be worth buying just if it was one player, but since it's two it's way worth it! And besides you can probably pick it up for no more than 30 bucks.

Overall 90 out of 100

A must have game if you like racing games.

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