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Turn and Burn: No-Fly Zone

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Reviewed by David Ruocco Strap yourself in for the best flight simulator on the SNES. Top graphics, fast paced action and challenging opponents make for top fun. You control an F14 and must undertake missions in the Mediterranean. As well as dogfighting with MIGs, later missions involve sea targets such as tankers and oil rigs. There's plenty of action as soon as you take off. You can fire a very limited number of guided missiles or use your shorter range cannon. There are also flares to divert missiles from your path. Enemies get progressively more intelligent and you'll often find yourself flying by the seat of your pants trying to survive. After destroying the required number of enemies, you must land on your aircraft carrier in order for the mission to be a success. Landing is difficult but fortunately there is a practice option. An unusual playing option allows a second player to control the weapons systems. Overall, controls are excellent. The graphics are exceptionally smooth and the well animated planes move quickly and authentically. Missions can take place under the burning sun, in fog, against a burnt orange sky, at sunset, or at night. The digitised sections are also excellent, with take off, explosions and missile launch sequences a pleasure to watch. Turn and Burn is a fantastic game which is a must-buy for flight sim fans.

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