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Metal Combat-Falcon's Revenge

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Reviewed by Magus Time to take up your Super Scope and save the world again! Metal Combat-Falcon's Revenge is the same action brought to you by Battleclash, only better and more of it! Judge for yourself as you read this review!

Graphics 4 out of 5

The graphics are still impressive, even considering that this game was made in 1993! Larger and badder bosses fill the new, impressive backgrounds. In my opinion, Mars is the best background. It's weird and cool to just stare at! My only problems are a slight cartooniness to the characters, and the obvious slowdown when many huge things are on the screen. But the game still seems to move at Wipeout speed, even at the final boss.

Music and Sound 4.5 out of 5

The music has been improved for the better. Rockin' tunes match with each background and never stutter or slow down, even when the game does. Gunfire and explosions are the main FX, but the laughter when a boss beats you and the voices letting you know where you are, are also nice touches.

Game Challenge

I didn't give the game challenge a rating for two reasons. 1: The challenge is adjustable. 2: The game is quite challenging when you try to set world records. Even if you beat the game, there's still more modes of challenge. Normal Battle Game is a cinch, but Real Game Hard is a nightmare! Still, it's easy for beginners to become experts in a matter of time. (I should know. ;))

Game Play-Fun 6 out of 5

Fantastic! Even if you beat the Battle Game on Real Game Hard, there's still enough out there to keep you hooked. The Time Trial mode challenges you to beat a number of bosses in the quickest time possible. It helps sharpen your speed and practice on hard battles. But in my opinion, the 2-Player Combat game is the best. The guy with the Scope plays the gunner, and the friend with the controller plays the ST in the background! It's a great way to have a friend join in the fun! Oh, yeah, there's also a 2-Player Time Trial where 2 friends trade off the Scope between battles.


As I said, the Real Game Hard can be holy torture. But hey, that's it for the Frustration panel!

Replayability 7 out of 5

Even if the Battle Game gets a little stale, you can still have fun with the Combat Game and the Time Trials! You'll never get tired of this game!

Game Value 4 out of 5

I don't know the availability of this game in retail stores, because I got it for $4 by Funcoland mail order. But it's worth 10 times every cent I spent!

Overall 5 out of 5

If you have a Super Scope, buy this game! And if you don't have a Super Scope, buy one and then buy this game! Trust me, you won't regret it!

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