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Kirby Superstar

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Reviewed by Shawn There have been many games for Super NES. Kirby Superstar is one of my favorites though that I have. The levels are great because they get harder and it's not to confusing for beginners when they start out. It's really fun when you get started and make it to the harder levels and different levels of difficulty. I really enjoy this game. Come with me and let me tell you a little about this great game!

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics on this game are great!!!! I think they did a better job on this Kirby then any other one that they made. I especially like the Milky Way Wishes and the Arena when you finally get there. The graphics in the Milky Way Wishes are really great!!!! There's things from the stars and the different planets that you go on. I don't think they could be any better.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The sound of this game is really cool because it doesn't get annoying or creepy sounding when your trying to beat an enemy. I think that's great because then you can consontrate better. If all games would be like that I think that would be the bomb. But sometimes it is better when the music changes but it does not get creepy sounds. All out of all I like it.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

The game challenge is pretty good because as I mentioned before it is easier in the beginning when there are beginners starting. Then it does get harder and it is a really fun game!!! It doesn't get to hard but harder. The Arena is very fun and difficult and you get to challenge all the enemies that you faced all throughout the game. I like the levels of difficulty. I think there great!

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This game is very very fun!! I like all the different games and stuff. That's why I like Superstar games. I think there really cool. The Grand Prix is very fun I like that game because it's fun to see if you can beat the guy. I beat him a couple times and it wasn't to hard but it was challenging. I also like Milky Way Wishes. I think it's neat with all the different planets that you play. I think it makes it look neat and very fun.


This game is not really frustrating. I think with the good music and all that it takes away a lot of the confusion. Sometimes I know when I can't get passed one of the enemies I get a little frustrated but everyone does unless there wizes at Nintendo. Then finally when I get passed it I am very happy and I feel like I can beat the rest.

Replayability 10 out of 10

The replayability is great because you can play it over and over again but also it saves. I like the games that save because you could be spending hours on trying to beat something and then just your mom tells you to shut it off and which everyone's does and then you have to start all over the next time so I really like the game because it does save. Also to erase the game is not to hard to find out but also it is confusing to little kids so they can't go and just erase it. I like the idea of the hidden erase button so it's not so find able.

Game Value 10 out of 10

I think this game should be worth a lot because it's a really fun game and you are always finding new things even when you beat the games a million times. I'm not really sure what it is really worth or how much it cost either because I got it for Christmas and I don't dare asking my mom. So I think it should be worth a lot though.

Milky Way Wishes 10 out of 10

I know I have talked a lot about Milky way Wishes but I really like this part of the game. I think the planets that you play in are really neat and I like the last enemy. I'm not sure what he's called but it's really neat on a planet like thing and I think it's really neat!

The Arena 10 out of 10

I think the arena is really cool because you get to face all your enemies that you played all through out the game and you only get a certain amount of things until you beat so many things. And if you die then you start over. I like it because they usually are spread out between hard things and easy things. So I like that part.

Overall 10 out of 10

I really like this game because everything in it is a 100%! I love it!! I would recommend it to anyone that loves Nintendo and beginners because it's to getting used to become a really good player. This game level is not hard and not to easy. It just depends on the game your playing. I really enjoyed playing it and beating all the levels and I'm sure that anyone else would to!!

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