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John Madden Football '93

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Reviewed by John Madden Football '93 is a fun game, if not old. This game has lots of football realism, such as butting heads, taunting, etc. You can hear the crowd the whole game, cheering you on or booing you. There's even an instant replay option, which I'll get to later. In the meantime, enjoy my review!

Sound 7 out of 10

The sound is very realistic. During the whole game you hear the crowd cheering the teams on. You can hear your foot hitting the ball when you kick it, people saying "ugh" when you knock them over, and the crowd cheers a bit louder when someone makes a touchdown.

Graphics 3 out of 10

Sadly, this is where the game lacks. The graphics look like you're playing it on a Game Boy. That's sad. Theres not much to put in this department, so I'll leave it at this: if you don't mind much about graphics and have this game, good for you.

Realism 6 out of 10

This game has lots of things you would see in a football game. First off, if you attempt a field goal, your character will raise his arms and cheer or shake his head and look ashamed depending on if you made the field goal or not. Another thing, if someone does something really stupid like run the wrong way and get tackled, someone on the other team will taunt them. In order to see the rest, you will have to buy the game since I don't want to spoil the whole game. One other thing though, after you choose your team it will show the teams strengths while John Madden talks about both of the teams. I thought that was kind of cool.

Overall Value 7 out of 10

If you have a Super NES and a love for football, get this game! The instant replay is cool if you want to see a great tackle or touchdown. I also like the two player option. On a scale of one to ten I give this game a seven! I hope you liked my review because this is one of my first. Happy playing!

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