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Bebes Kids

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Reviewed by Ty Massei

Graphics: 1 out of 10 Gameplay: 2 out of 10 Sounds: 1 out of 10 Hardness factor: 9 out of 10 Overall: 0 out of 10

Graphics: The worst graphics on the SNES. Even the NES has games with better graphics than this. Characters look blocky and the same and everything looks extremely pixelated. Reminds me of some games on the commodore 64. Sound: Annoying is the best way to sum up. It's repetitive, it's horrible, and it's everything a game shouldn't be. If you ever play this game, do yourself a favor and put it on mute. Gameplay: Voted one of the worst games ever by Nintendo Power. It's a beat `em up with hard enemies (usually because your attack will go right through them) and graphics that hinder the game. It isn't fun at all, just incredibly annoying and dull. Hardness factor: Hard, because of the reasons I've stated in Gameplay. Overall: 0 out of 10. Graphics that are as bad (or worse) than the NES, sound that is persistently annoying and will drive you crazy, and gameplay to be desired. The only reason I know why someone would want this game is if they are a collector of products of failed shows on Fox.

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