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ABCs Monday Night Football

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Reviewed by Expunter #5 This seems to be a game that is rare. I haven't seen any tips for it, nor found any game guides on it. Pretty much this seems like an average video game, but the game it self is well entertaining, but isn't the best football video game. It's like some things in this game are very well done, and then other things are just terrible, which I will get into. This game like most football games is played on a vertical field (up to down), it doesn't have penalties and is a rather rough guy game, and you can design your own team or rename a team.

Graphics: 9 out of 10

The graphics were pretty well done. Frank Grifford, the crowd cheering or booing, the people in the stands were pretty well done. When raining or snowing, this also was done pretty well. Although the players look real, they are so small compared to the large field they are playing on. But this really isn't the art, its just how it was organized.

Music and Sound: 10 out of 10

There is the Monday Night theme song, and that seems pretty real. There's some sort of beat when the game is in play. The sound is of the ball being passed/kicked, players being tackled and moaning and groaning, and the voices of "first down" "interception" "touchdown", and ect. were pretty well done and are quite enjoyable. I really can't think of any cons to say about music and sound here.

Game Challenge: 8 out of 10

The game was made in 1993. You'll find San Francisco, Dallas, Buffalo, Philadelphia the real good teams and Indianapolis, Chicago the real crummy teams. Once you get the feel for the controls, the game is easy. If you basically take the game seriously, don't screw off, you'll always win, but one big mistake and/or a couple of little ones and it can result in a loss, (especially for post-season). One season I was 12-5, and still missed the playoffs. There are things that interfere, like power plays and kicking, but there can be ways to work around this.

Game Play-Fun: 9 out of 10

This game really is a fun game to play. The players roughing each other around, the crowd "booing" or going "Forget it!" and throwing their arms around when the teams are doing bad, and then jumping up and down cheering with excitement when the teams are doing well, and if you really are a type of person that shows no mercy you'll love it because there's no penalties, and you can interfere with passes! This game may not be all that great and have some things that should have been done better, but I find it a fun game to play.


There are several things that could have been better. First there are rosters, with the players number, but when you play the game the players are so small that you can't read their number (let alone they have a number on their back) so you don't know who's who. This makes it very hard you really don't know who is who, and this is very annoying because the plays also won't tell you who will run them, or give you a set-up of where each player is. Secondly the weather is random. If there's snow, you'll know at the beginning of a game and it'll always stay like that, and rain occurs random on a clear game, (even once it can start out that way) but its always lasting like 4 minutes of game play. If it was various length of times at every time, it would make the game more interesting. Thirdly kicking was set up pretty lousy in this game. You have to fill this meter that has 8 bars by tapping the B button as fast as you can in the few seconds you have before the player kicks it. On kick-off I'm lucky to get it up to 6/8, and punts 5/8, usually lucky all the way for PAT/FGs. Punt kicks are really bad. It only goes 40 yards when it's at 5/8. the average kick even by the computer is usually 25 yards, and what's sadder is the player usually has to run after the ball, and most times the ball bounces back making horrible punt coverage! Also you get these power plays where you have try to fill this power bar by pressing B rapidly, but to me its impossible, and very hard. I have never tackled the computer, which is always so fast, which makes it very unfair. (hint: computer always goes for them with less than 1:30 of each half, so you'll know when to avoid this) Lastly, but most important is that the game includes ref's measuring to see if someone got the 1st down. This at first is cool, but always when they measure, they always give the first down, and this becomes time wasting, and annoying. The whole point of measuring is to see if you got it or not.

Replayability: 7 out of 10

If you play regular season and then don't make the big game, Frank Grifford will say try again, and you'll start a fresh season in week 1. I don't find it harder, maybe a little easier (esp. maybe for the power plays, or its just me getting better, or a little of both. I seem to notice I get worse with them as the season progresses) This game is a game that I will replay every so often. Even once I mastered it, its still fun to play, but its not the best.

Game Value: 8 out of 10

I don't see this game advertised much, and didn't even know it existed until I saw it at warehouse that was something like "Unofficial World of Nintendo" back in Oct.1994 (year after the game came out) I think it was around $20. I don't think it was totally worth the price, but I was pretty satisfied.

Setting: 7 out of 10

The helmets don't contain the real NFL logos, but some wild made up symbol. The colors do pretty much match the NFL uniforms, (except NJ supposed to be NY(N) which in this game has them in gold, white, blue) Also the players are made up, (you won't find Marino, Bledsoe, Montana here), but the teams are pretty accurate. If you do choose to create your own custom team you'll get this red uniform team. You can't choose a color to their helmet/uniform. Also the game does not allow you set time for quarters, each quarter is 5 minutes, but I don't find this bad because it takes about over half hour to get through a game pretty much this way. The game has a pre-season option (the computer randomly selects its team) a 2 player option, and the regular season (where you play. If you created/renamed a team you only have it here, you'll have the original for pre-season/2 player option) The game will save the last 2 best replays Frank Grifford calls, it gives you an option that let's you see the credits from the stadium view with fireworks going off, and an option of stereo/mono) You get to choose from a play book of about 12 running and 12 passing plays. You get to choose 4 running and 4 passing, in a middle of a game at half time or before you start your game. All power plays are the same, and for the passing it's luck. You choose one of the the 3 buttons, A= short pass, X= Medium Pass, Y= Long Pass, and most the time you'll complete it, but other times its incomplete or picked off. I mentioned its hard getting the meter up, and for the short pass power play that's where I am only able to get it up slowly and gradually. Also on a short pass you will never be picked off, where more chances are on the long pass. For the run power play the quarterback will hand off to the runner and you have to then just fill the meter. These power plays are cool, but you only get 1 pass 1 run per half, and they work like time-outs (meaning if you had 1 at the end of a half, you won't have two. Also if you go into overtime, whatever you had left stays) The power plays are also difficult and I haven't even mastered them. Also when on defense you try to guess your opponent's play but you can't choose power play. (maybe this is why I am never able to tackle the computer here) Also the game has an option where you can view basic stats. Basic standings of the teams (Win-Loss). Player stats; passing (COMP, YDS, TDs), Rushing (ATT, YDS, TDs), Receiving (Catches, Yds, Tds), and then sacks (shows how many sacks a player has made)

What I think should have been done to make the game better

First I don't like having to wait 30 seconds, to have the officials see that I got the 1st down then give it. The power plays should be easier, or you should have more (like maybe pre-season where you can practice and get a feel for them), or if there was a Game Genie code that gave you something like infinite power plays. If there are going to be rosters with player's numbers then you should see them in their uniforms with their number so you can see who is who. The punts should have been set up better. You only get 30 yards with the meter filled 5/8, where I think it should be more like 40-45 yards. Same with kick-off, except it was designed little more accurate. Also as I mentioned before, rain only lasts like 4 minutes in this game when it does happen. This could have been set up so it would rain all game, or just more various times, instead of it lasting 4 minutes. The rain does occur any random time though. In my opinion, that's about all the things that this game needs to make it perfect.

Overall: 9 out of 10

Overall I think that this is a rather fun, rough football game. Its fun to play, and even funny. This really isn't the best football game, but if you are the type of person who like sound/graphics I'd definitely recommend it, because the sound and graphics of this game are very well done. If you are the person who just wants a decent or precise football game then I wouldn't really recommend it that much, but not say it would be awful.

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