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Yoshi's Story!

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Reviewed by Michael Schaefer Nintendo has come out with yet another video game. And as usual, the net is split. But I think Yoshi's Story deserves better than what it's getting. Reviews everywhere are saying that Yoshi's Story is empty of challenge. But I'm here to challenge that.

Graphics 10 out of 10

If there is only two words that describe it, it's Eye Candy. The graphics are stunning! Right down to the backgrounds, the games graphics are as sharp as a tack. The Yoshi's move like the whole game cartridge has been devoted to making "Yoshi-motion". Nintendo has outdone itself with it's 2 and a half Dimensional (2 1/2-D) game.


What can I say? Everything revolves around the control stick, making it look and feel like your playing it at an arcade. Thanks to the revolutionary N64 controller, game play is almost immersive. You probably couldn't have better control unless the game did it for you.

Gameplay 7 out of 10

Enough about graphics and controllers, lets talk about game play. There are many puzzles and tricks in Yoshi's Story, and too many to find in one nights rent. Unless of course, you intend to go twenty four hours with it, then you may have a chance. The genius of the game is YOU set EXACTLY how hard you want the game to be. A baby could waltz through if it decided to eat everything it came across. But a true gamer would find (or try to find) all thirty melons in a level. And not all are easy to get! I had to play for awhile to find the two missing melons in "Rail Lift" and I even had to pull out my Players Guide! I meet people who say they have found EVERYTHING in the game. Then I ask, "What's the Secret Message?" This is often followed by the response, "What Secret Message?" This practically proves Nintendo still gives it's players quality. Getting back to how difficult it is, Nintendo is getting burned for giving user convenience. They let you decide how hard you want it, and you come back with hatred? Come on! See this game for what it is, and you'll see what I mean.


Like I said- how hard do you want it? It's your choice. I've not gotten through every level of the game yet! It is a challenge for me! The only thing I would change is that I get too lucky. I only beat Magma castle because Baby Bowser kept hanging out with exploding Bomb-ombs! They should have put a fail-safe in there. Difficulty rating? You decide.

Replay Value 7 out of 10

It maintains the same replay value of YI in two ways. Have you found thirty melons in all the courses yet? If yes, what about the secrets? If no, go for it! Second way is its unique "Trial Mode" where you can go for high scores and try to beat your old records.

Sound 8 out of 10

About the only thing that everyone agrees on is that the sounds tend to be ultra cute! You like it? Good for you. I do. However, if you can't take it anymore, why would you want a game like this anyway? It only takes common sense to put Baby Yoshis, baby everything with "Cute". Anybody who doesn't see that spends a little too much time playing N64. The sound tracks can be cool, and there are a lot of "extra tracks" that make the game interesting. For instance, here are three places with tracks all there own. Each snake has a little music box tune for going up, down, or left, right. And my favorite is in Jungle Hut. Just go in the blue pipe at the top of the area. The green one works too.

Overall 8 out of 10

Yoshi's Story is an innovative, original game. Maybe that's why people are so split over it. If you love Yoshis, or like a different game that you can set the challenge on your own, then Yoshi's story is for you. You should be able to tell whether or not a game is for you by looking at what the description is on the back.

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