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WWF Warzone

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Reviewed by Raymond Drain Pro wrestling is overlooked as a sport in todays society. The game WWF Warzone depicts this sport almost perfectly and really shows off the N64's hardware. The character animations are excellent and the N64 has two exclusive play modes over the Playstation version: the royal rumble and gauntlet. Every wrestler has their signature moves and finishers along with individual taunts and poses. Now I must start the review so please read on.

Graphics 9 out of 10

These graphics are amazing! They are much better than the competition (WCW/NWO Revenge comes to mind) and all are in beautiful hi-res. The characters are all animated wonderfully and look fantastic. The faces are real life and look as they would in real life. The moves are beautiful and are animated wonderfully. The only gripe about graphics are that there is a little clipping in some areas but this rarely ever happens. These graphics are fantastic and are much superior to the competition and it's Playstation counterpart.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Although not as high as graphics in score I think the sound could have been better but it isn't. The MIDI forms of the theme music for each wrestler is good but it only plays a little bit and that could have been done better with a little more time put in by the programmers. Although commentary is nice it gets a little repetitive and annoying if you are losing and Vince or Jim insults your wrestler. The thing that picks itself up off the floor in the sound department is the taunts. Weather it's Triple H's "Suck It" or Steve Austin's "Somebody's gonna get their *** wipped" this feature truly shines and adds a little bit of comic relief to the game.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

This game is challenging. Put it on hard setting and prepare to have a good fight. The computer AI is top notch when it can reverse some things (and not everything like in WCW/NWO which was dumb!) and they block and time their attacks. The challenge mode when going for the belt is extremely fun and challenging which is complete with grudge matches (which sometimes get a little repetitive) It is still fun but never gets too hard. This game is challenging but with practice you can become unstoppable!

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This is one of the most addictive and fun multiplayer games of ALL time! Invite three friends over and you will play non-stop for at least 5 hours (I played for 7 it's just that fun). Or do a 2 player vs. match and battle it out and destroy your friends. By far the best thing is the weapons match. I love smashing my friends with TV's, Chairs, 2 by 4's, the ring bell, and occasionally a table! Or pit yourself in a steel cage and make it out to win. This game is so fun your thumbs might fall of before you put the controller down. Or you might deprive yourself of sleep, food and your social life until you have beaten down every sorry SOB in this fantastic game. It's just that much fun!

Rumble Pak 10 out of 10

Game play is the best ever in this game. The rumble pak helps with realism and everything clicks. The characters are animated beautifully and never look dumb. With all the different modes if you didn't need food or sleep it would be heaven. This game's gameplay will never get old. With all the moves (about 64 for each wrestler!) You will discover secret moves you never knew existed. (like the figure four, or the hurricane, and the shooting star press). This game can do no wrong in this department so lets go right to frustration.


There is some frustration in this game. But it is not a lot the only things I can think of are as follows. Having your moves reversed all the time and not being able to chose who you fight. Other than that if you practice and are good enough you will have no frustration.

Replayability 10 out of 10

Does this game have replayability? In the words of "stone Cold" Steve Austin OH HELL YEAH! There are 9 different ways to play, and bring some friends over and watch you never put this game down. Time after time when you've had a long day at work or school you come home with only one thing on your mind causing other people pain. What better way to do it then by popping in Warzone and beating the living snot out of other people. Also you have to earn cheats by beating challenge with different wrestlers which greatly increase replay value trying to get them all. That's all I have to say about replayability now on to Game value.

Game Value 10 out of 10

Look at all the above scores, what do you think? This game is worth every penny. I love it I love being "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels. With all the different ways to play and the fun of it all I'm surprised this game hasn't risen in price it's just that good. Not a lot here but just two more categories.

The best feature Create-A-Wrestler 10 out of 10

I know what you're thinking "is this all the game has with only 17 wrestlers?" Nope. There is also the best feature of any wrestling game out there. The ability to create your own. You can chose clothes, body build, accessaries, gender, moves, masks, everything. It's fun to mock people in real life by making them look like people you know and care about. It's also fun to help them grow and develop by winning with them you can get them attribute points that can make them stronger and help them be able to kick the snot out of everybody who crosses your path. You can also hold 30 to a memory pak along with hidden wrestlers that's about 50 wrestlers about the same as WCW/NWO). So now you've heard everything individually now see how it comes together.

Overall 95 out of 100

What? You're still here? You should have left you're house five minutes ago to go buy this game. Seriously if you want a true wrestling experience that's realistic with the best and most diverse gameplay modes along with the best feature ever with create a wrestler get WWF Warzone it delivers and so much more. Or if you want to buy another game with more wrestlers but less than great graphics and a horrible grappling system instead of Warzone's combo system go ahead. Go buy WWF Warzone.

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