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WWF Attitude

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Reviewed by Wrestling Champ This game is the basic button masher we have all grown accustomed to... especially if you have played WWF Warzone. This isn't much better than WWF Warzone either, other than the souped up graphics and sound. Nothing New, really.

Graphics: 80 out of 100

Although the graphics are not much to look at, they are a lot better than in WWF Warzone (ie, The Rock doesn't look that strange anymore) and the player's size has increased. But the game's speed has slowed down a bit. The frame rate DROPS, and I mean DROPS OFF to about 10 fps at random, especially when someone is throwing a weapon. That wasn't in WWF Warzone, so that's 10pts off, and the someone horrid graphics take another 10 off. Much better than WWF Warzone though.

Music and Sound: 70 out of 100

Although there is no music, the wrestlers sound pretty good. Because this is cartridge format, though, the wrestlers taunts are not varied enough... i think there are 10 taunts at most per wrestler. And if you have the everyone language setting on in the options, you get like 1 taunt per wrestler... they could have toned down the voice quality to put more taunts into the game, i believe.

Game Challenge: 80 out of 100

The game can be challenging, but if you have played WARZONE, it is the basically the same game. For those who haven't played before, let me explain Career Mode-In career mode, you start off as a nobody in the wrestling world. As you work your way up, and get your belts, you become "known". Eventually you become the WWF Champion and have to defend your title. Thats basically it. But wait, Sore losers sometimes come back to challenge you to Grudge Matches. Grudge matches are usually weapons or cage matches, and you cannot get out of the match. You have to whip the sorry fella's behind again to make him leave you alone.... I'm getting a little carried away here.

Game Play-Fun: 90 out of 100

This game is somewhat lame when you are alone, but when you get some friends over, this is an awesome party game! 4 people beating on each other at once, in the same ring, at the same time. Imagine how fun that would be! Also another good thing to do is have a weapons match with the computer. You will easily win, illustrating how dumb the computer is. Also having weapons match with friends can be a total blast. You will probably love the feeling of hitting your buddies over the head with a TV set in the game. Fighting against one of your friends 3 on 1 can be fun too.

Rumble Pak: 5 out of 20

Personally, i don't think the rumble pak adds much to a game, and here it is even more poorly used then most games i have played.


The fact that you have health bars. When the computer gets your health into the red, and keeps smashing, it's hopeless for you. This will probably result in a few broken controllers.

Replayability: 70 out of 100

Although you will quickly get bored of one player game, playing it with buddies will never get old.

Game Value: 90 out of 100

I have to admit, with some of it's shortcomings, this is still an excellent game to have when you need to vent some steam. Also since i didn't know where to put it, this game has an awesome create a player mode where you can make your own wrestler. It's worth it when you can get it for under $30

Overall: 80 out of 100

Like I said, good party game, you and your buddies will love this!

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