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WWF Attitude

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Reviewed by Jerame Oates Sweat, heart, diligence, and countless hours of misused time! That perfectly describes what my WWF gaming experience is like. Us die hard wrestling fans put are heart and souls into every lockup. Feed off of the electricity of the fans. We even find humor in senseless violence! And to tell you the truth who would have it any other way? Well as long as games like Attitude are around it won't be hard to feed the narcissistic rage you have for no apparent reason at all. So before you elapse into a comatose state of biceps, boards, and steel chairs, keep an eye open to my thoughts. If you smellla what the J-Dogg is cooookin!

Graphics: 6 out of 10

We all agree that Warzone set the standards for all the modern graphical genius of wrestling games today. But the sad thing is it's processor didn't. The graphic advancements are almost to subtle for even a hardcore veteran to decipher. (Almost of course.) Really outside of the improved realism of the ring ropes, and a few new specific wrestler intros the game doesn't boast anything ground breaking in this category. Though I must add that the Rock's face is a real let down. Come on Acclaim he looks like he was molested by a steam roller!

Music and Sound: 8 out of 10

First let me say the color commentators are right on key. The King Jerry Lawler and Shane Macmahon are awesomely depicted in this game. There loud, rude, and udderly hysterical! The way that they ramble on adds a double dose of the interaction, realism, and humor that Good Ol' JR and Vinnie Mac brought to Warzone. If the commentation isn't enough to make your pants go wet then occausinally heed what the arrogant brawlers say before the opening of the match. You are stronger willed than I if you can maintain a gentle composure listening to Dr. Death's opening statements. Ok, so some of the dialogue is a little rough around the edges, but thats life deal with it.

Game Challenge: 9 out of 10

Some of you out there thought Warzone's career mode (If you can call it that.) Was too easy for the deeply involved grappler. So look now what you've done! Attitudes career mode is long, to long if you ask me, but now at least all the fun of winning the gold isn't meant to be collected in one sitting. You'll fight your way though three belts. The European first, then Intercontineintal, and finally the ultimate prized World belt. Plus defending each one in the middle. Very tedious indeed matey's but something got to shape men out of us, right? (Or Women?)

Game Play-Fun: 9 out of 10

With so many mode of play how can it not score high! Though it has a array of single player modes the real numbers score in with multi player madness. You can have hoards of fun customizing anything from the wrestlers clothing to the arena he fights in. The possiablities are endless, and with a few friends so is the fun.

Rumble Pak: 5 out of 10

Make a long story short the Rumble Pak did nothing for me. But I'm a devote fan so I might be more quick to judge than you. The whole feel of the game play was destroyed by the RP. Tip, if your looking for long term play don't use a Rumble Pack!!!


It can get really difficult in the career mode. The AI can play a few tricks on you. If you want to avoid the frustration all together just don't play the career. Believe it or not this game is worth purchasing for the multi player game modes alone.

Replayability: 10 out of 10

You can always pop this baby in on a rainy day! It;s a boredom exterminator, and like mentioned above the possabilties are endless! And my apologies for not mentioning the much IMPROVED Create a Wrestler mode, it's sweeeeet!

Game Value: 10 out of 10

It's a older alternative to the new No Mercy, Smackdown franchises. But come on it's only 19.95 at Wal-Mart, who can beat that!

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

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