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WCW vs NWO: World Tour

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Reviewed by Will Shaw Let me start out by saying that this game ROCKS!!! I'm a big wrestling fan and I just love this game. All N64 players love it too. It's a fantastic game, with good graphics, excellent control, and unbelievable realism.

Graphics 95 out of 100

This game has fantastic graphics. Each character has his own taunts, own attributes, and the best of all, they have their own faces and body graphics like their real-life counterpart. These graphics are very realistic looking. You can even see their fingers clench and open at times. They all have their same heights like in real life. You can even see their muscles! The only downside to it is that the crowd looks like flat, people made from paper.

Music and Sound 99 out of 100

Though this game doesn't have the theme music for every wrestler, it does have excellent music during gameplay. It's just perfect for the fighting. And the sound is really good. Each person has their own grunts, reactions, and noises when they taunt. When you run on the ring, you can hear the feat moving. When you get slammed onto the mat, you hear a cool thump. Even the crowd has good boo's and cheers.

Game Challenge 90 out of 100

I'd say that this game was simple. You have 3 settings, easy, normal, and hard. Both easy and normal are fairly simple. Hard is very cheap, they always reverse everything, and you get defeated easily. Normal is very fun to play on. The whole game is fairly simple. A bad part about this is that when you beat everything and get to WWW, you have to fight all the characters in the game, thus taking a long time. Otherwise it's an easy, almost too easy game.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

WCW vs NWO has one of the best replay values of all the games out. Multi-player matches are really fun. There are so many characters, lots of rules that you can change, and moves to find out. It's very entertaining to see a new, cool move. All the characters have the real taunts, and trademark moves. Grabbing chairs, jumping from top ropes, and blooding someone is so cool. It's game is so fun.

Rumble Pak 98 out of 100

The Rumble Pak works great with this game. It rumbles every time you get plumed to the ground, run into someone, or anything. It adds a great touch to the game, to make you feel like your actually fighting someone.


Like I have said, the most frustrating thing about this game is on hard mode. Every move you do is either blocked or reversed. Then they beat you down and you lose. It is possible, but very frustrating to beat the whole game on hard.

Replayability 100 out of 100

The replay value is very good. Invite some friends over and you can start a little tournament or something. It's a great game for parties or something. It hardly ever gets boring because different things happen all the time.

Game Value 100 out of 100

If I had to, I'd pay for this game all over again. All my friends have bought it, and it's defiantly worth the price.

Overall 98 out of 100

My conclusion is that this game is one of the best. It's a lot better than the Playstation version. It has it all, and I'm not just saying that. I really suggest that you buy this game. Keep your fingers crossed for WCW: Nitro coming out for the N64. Until then, have fun with this one!!

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