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WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour

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Reviewed by N64JDavid


The graphics are so sweet in this game because you can actually see the faces of the wrestlers, and the way they move. But the graphics on this game has it's draw backs such as: the crowd is so fake! they don't even look like people. they look like a sheet of paper with drawings of people on em. I don't like that about this game. But still think the graphics of the ring, and other things are really cool.


I like the controls on this game because all you have to do is punch, kick, grab, and throw. It is very easy to move around also, so I like the controls on this game.


Ahh! too many features on this game. Ok, I will try and make this short and sweet. This game has the best wrestlers from each of their divisions. The divisions are: WCW, NWO, DOA, and the IU. Each character in game has his/hers special move and techniue on fighting. You can have 4 player combat 2 ways, one is where it is a 2 on 2 fight, the other is the "Battle Royal" which is a 4 player battle which is every man/woman to themselves. There are a lot of features in this game. The features are pretty cool.

Worth the Buy

Well, you can say this game is worth the buy, but when you beat the game and you have everyone you will be happy for a period of time, but then the game starts to get boring, on the other hand if you have friends you can always try and obliterate each other in a "Battle Royal" match. But if you are a bum or a loser that has no friends, you can just not get the game and stay and bum or a loser. I myself think this game is worth the buy.


Oh no, I never had frustrations on this game because the difficulty was also easy for me, but now I am on hard and they are still easy. I don't think you will be having so many frustrations with this game.

Overall 8 out of 10

I like this game, I like the way the programmers programmed the game and I would have to give this game a 8 of 10. I think the programmers did a very good job on this game.

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