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WCW vs NWO: World Tour

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Reviewed by Brian Nerrie

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics in this game were overall above average, but there were things lacking. For example, the backgrounds were semi-clear but on the whole fairly blurry. I could not make out one fan from another and most of them were just standing there with little difference between them. THQ could have put a lot more detail into it. But of course the only people that look at the backgrounds are the ones that regularly get the mess beat out of them and have nothing better to do. The wrestlers on the other hand were extremely detailed. You can easily see the paint on Sting's face and the blood on Eric Bishoff when my friends and I play beat up the long-haired queer. I feel that this tremendously makes up for the lackluster fan animations.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

Personally I think that the sound plays no factor in a game unless it is baby Mario crying. This philosophy plays true in this game also, but it is still nice to hear your fist pound against Rey Mysterio, Jr. The soundtrack pumps out nice wrasslin' tunes that get you into the game but you shouldn't be listening to that anyway.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

I'll just say it right now, a must have for wrestling fans, a must have for non-wrestling fans. This game is probably the best one on the Nintendo 64 right now. You get to be all your favorite wrestlers, and beat up all of your non-favorites (such as the aforementioned Eric Bishoff). This game has many modes and will keep you occupied for very long amounts of time. Beating all the leagues is fairly simple, but it is not the main play mode on this game. That would have to be battle royal. This is where you and three friends get to be in the ring and battle it out for supremacy. The ultimate party game.

Overall 8.5 out of 10

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