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WCW vs. NWO: World Tour

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Reviewed by Branden Nickles I remember looking around for WCW vs. NWO, but couldn't find it for the first 3 or 4 weeks it was out! This game is totally AWESOME I'm not the biggest wrestling fan, but this is a game worth getting! If you thought that Japan wrestling games were awesome, you'll LOVE this one! There are over 30 wrestlers to choose from, at least 20 moves or more for each wrestler, and you can also change the look of the wrestler. Here is the way that I describe the game

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics are GREAT! They would have gotten a 10 out of 10, but their faces aren't even close to the way they look in real life. The fans also played a big role in my decision! The fans look 1 dimensional and don't really even move! They sit there and wave their arms in the air and that's all! The ring looks real, (better than any other ring I've seen!) the wrestlers bodies look real, and the arena floor looks real! Though during some moves you can see through a wrestler! This really took a toll on the graphics rating!

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

The sound STINKS! They play a dumb little tune during your match that gets annoying(I just turn my CD player on and listen to the music there). The wrestlers noises they make and the beating noises sound GREAT, but the music they play is really stupid! The music kind of sounds like a NES game, but other than the music it's good!

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

The game challenge is really good, if you have it set on HARD! If you set it on easy it to easy! I usually play on Normal! Like different wrestlers give you different challenges! If you face Hollywood Hogan and you get tossed to the outside, be ready for a beating because he pulls chairs, tables, Bats, and Barbed Wired Bats out of the audience! That's a big challenge. Though, if you set it on easy, you're not even in for a challenge! When set on easy, you can beat 3 other men by yourself!

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

This is the funniest game I've played for N64! You can get up to 4 players involved! It's real action and non stop fun! You can fight in tournaments, Battle Royals, Handi-capped matches, tag team matches, League Challenge matches, League matches(Round Robin), and just plain single matches! When you have 4 people playing you can all fight each other in Battle Royals! This is the funniest option with more than 1 player! With 2 players it cool, because you can double team and so forth! This game has to be the best game if you want fun for all!

Rumble Pak 3 out of 10

You can use the rumble Pak, but it doesn't have much affect! I don't like playing with the rumble pak, but other might! It has very little effect if any! You may like it, but my friends and I DON'T!


The moves can become very frustrating! If you just tap a button a move is preformed twice as different as wanted! You may hit up instead of left and the whole move was changed! After you figure out the combinations to the moves it's not very frustration, but if someone just keeps tapping the grapple button to do cheap moves it get frustration because you can't block the Grapple! Many people do this to win matches, but it's not fair to the other person so I don't recommend doing this!

Game Value 10 out of 10

This game was definitely worth my $55! If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have changed a thing! I recommend this game to anyone that likes wrestling or likes action! Go and rent it one time and I'll just about guarantee that you'll want to buy it!

Overall 9 out of 10

I certainly recommend this game to EVERYONE! If you want to have fun with your N64 get this game! You may want to buy a Memory card with this game because of the special people you can accesses through the game! I really liked this game! I will tell you that the WWF's Warzone is told to be the best Wrestling game EVER to come out for any system! I also heard it's just about identical to WCW vs. NWO! So, if you liked WCW vs. NWO watch for WWF's WARZONE!!!!

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