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WCW/NWO Revenge

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Reviewed by Yoshi-M Finally, after much anticipation, the sequel to THQ's WCW/NWO World Tour has arrived. This game is a definite improvement over the original. Better graphics, more arenas, more actual wrestlers, more weapons, just more of everything! Play your favorite WCW/NWO stars like Goldberg, Konnan, Raven and his Flock, Juventud Guerrera, up to 40 or so actual wrestlers. Then pick where you want to wrestle, from Nitro to a pay per view arena (Souled Out, Halloween Havoc, Starrcade, etc.) Sit back and watch as your wrestler struts up to the mat and performs their favorite poses. Then battle it out one on one, tag team, or even 40 man battle royal (4 wrestlers in a ring at one time though). THQ pulled out all the stops by putting the very spirit of wrestling into this game. The crowd wears masks or holds up signs and cheers the wrestlers on. The wrestlers are not confined to being around the ring, and can run all the way up to the entrance of the arena. When a wrestler is beaten down in a one on one battle, another wrestler may run in and help, just like on TV. The game drips with attitude. All characters have special "finishing moves" that can put away an opponent. A "spirit meter" shows how pumped that character is, and when it flashes special, the player then taps their analog stick and the character performs a type of taunt, and the word "Special" appears. The character can then perform two different finishers when grappled, their opponent's special move, or a finisher of the top ropes.

Graphics 4 out of 5

Definitely an improvement over World Tour. The animation is smooth, right down to the wrestlers walking style and taunts. The faces looks almost exactly like the wrestlers the game characters portray. The crowd is well done, and doesn't look like the cardboard cut outs like World Tour had. However, the game used the same polygonal engine as World Tour, and does not use Soft Skinning, like WWF: Warzone uses. Therefore, you will notice the polygon seams at the joints. The fluid motions and animation make up for this. The camera is excellent in this game. Almost always you have the best view (however it can get hard to view certain things in multiplayer, but still works out ok). For single matches, when a good move is made against an opponent, an instant replay will immediately show what happened. This can cause fits of laughter (perform a low blow, and you'll see what I mean. Or throw someone to the ring post). The game then returns to a normal view, and the game continues. At the end of the match, the game will show a slow motion of how the match ended. A great add on!

Music and Sound 3 out of 5

Why is it that wrestling games have such cheesy sound? Some of the sounds have been improved, but some others have been scaled back. There are basically two types of punch and kick sounds (for light and heavy) but the famous "heavy squish" sound of knocking out an opponent is absent. There are new sounds, like the sound of throwing an opponent into a ring post on the outside of the ring (a loud gong sound), to the sound of hitting an opponent with a weapon while running. Music is on par, and nothing to write home about. There are only two entrance tunes for the wrestlers, which are OK, but not great.

Game Challenge 3 out of 5

This game really isn't meant for singles play. I was able to unlock all of the secret characters (on normal difficulty) with little problems. This game is for head to head action against friends, baby! The computer characters become difficult by blocking more often, resulting in frustration (c'mon, I do a low blow, you puff out your chest and BLOCK it?! How's that work?). But, that's nothing a few hits with a chair can't fix. As a multiplayer game, this gets a 5 in my book. The battle royals are great, with four men duking it out at once. When players are knocked out of the ring, another will run out to take their place. Up to forty wrestlers will run to the ring during this event. I am happy to say to all of you burned by Warzone's Royal Rumble: its the same move for everyone to toss people out of the ring.

Game Play-Fun 4 out of 5

Who doesn't like beating up other people surrounded by fans cheering you on for more? Again, this a multiplayer game. The singles game is fun, but can get kind of boring after a while. Yet its always great to toss a computer player around and beat them senseless with weapons. An added bonus to the game is the fact you can now bring weapons into the ring and run with them. You can also block attacks with weapons and can steal the weapons away from your opponents. Also, EVERY attack can be blocked and/or countered, and a single attack can be countered many times. I have seen 4 counters happen at once, and it was like I was watching Nitro at home. There are also little things that give the game character, but are not overly necessary: like jumping over an opponent when they run at you after bouncing off the ropes.


Really the only frustrating thing about this game was the computer's frequency of blocking. At harder levels, the computer blocks almost constantly, and sometimes unrealistically. Who can really block (not counter) Kevin Nash's boot to the face? Or Goldberg's spear?

Replayability 5 out of 5

Forget the single player mode. Get some friends, and beat each other up! A friend of mine has set up matches in a notebook, where we keep track of who's champion, who is a contender, etc. Be creative with the game, and it will bring you joy for months to come.

Game Value 5 out of 5

If you love wrestling, get this game. You must have it. If you are not sure about it, try and rent it. I can never find it for rent, its always gone. It is worth every penny. Trade in World Tour if you have it yet or Warzone. You will not be sorry.

Special Touches

Playing a singles game and a friend wants to join? Press the Z button on another controller and that friend can join in. Now THAT is an awesome feature! Need to take a break? Press Z to allow the computer to take control of your character. You can also change the names of characters, as well as their clothing. Not quite as good as Warzone's Create a Character, but still fun nonetheless.

Overall 4 out of 5

I would say, hands down, this is the best wrestling game I have ever played, next to World Tour. Lots of character and attitude, along with plenty of options to keep you and your friends entertained.

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