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WCW/NWO Revenge

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Reviewed by Richard Mocarski What? A sequel to that horrible game called WCW/NWO World Tour. Man is that going to stink. Stink, stink is not the word that I heard in school the day after it came out. I heard words like awesome, phat, and cool. I normally do not have to try the games out before I buy them, I normally just buy off what I read and what I hear. And in my opinion I have the best nine games, soon to be ten "Zelda 64", on Nintendo 64, so when I heard five different groups tell me it was awesome I did not have to rent, I just went out to the store and bought. And World Tour? Yeah, this has the same control, but its 1000% better.

Graphics 8 out of 10

The graphics on this game are so much better than those of World Tour. All of the characters are smooth, and have their own face. In addition to that every character has all of their regular entrances and taunts. This adds a realistic fell to the game, especially if your a wrestling fan. And if your not a wrestling fan and this game does not get you to become one, this game will at least get you to learn the names of the moves and have you try them out on your friends and enemies. Another cool thing about this game is the variety of moves each character has. Every character has their own patented moves. Another thing that sets this apart from World Tour is that the wrestlers don't get jumballed together and become one. Oh yeah the instant replay adds a nice affect.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

The music flat out sucks in quality, but it is all the music of pro wrestling. Like the wolf pak, NWO black and white, and WCW's individual's theme songs. The sound is all right. Their are some bad things about it, such as the timing, but sting whoots and Goldberg hollers. Beside 64 is not about sound, its about awesome graphics, smooth and awesome gameplay, and fun consepts and exploration. If you want sound get a Play Station (But of course then you would be playing all kinds of games that really stink!).

Game Challenge 3 out of 10

This game is not ment to challenge you, its ment for you to kick the due dah out of your friends. You can win all five titles on hard the first time you play. Its a little time consuming, but not difficult. HINT: YOU WILL NEVER BE PINED IF YOU TAP THE JOYSTICK WHEN YOUR DOWN!

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This game is awesome for multi-player, in fact its the king, its, dare I say it, better that Bond in the multi-player mode. You can spend hours, upon hours kicking the dew dah out of your Friends, and never want to stop. The best scenario for the multi-player is, battle royal, 40 man, with 4 friends playing. Another fun thing to do is to play a handy cap match, one friend against two or three others. Set the singles friend energy all the way up and the other players all the way down. Then one person occupy the single player in the ring while the other gets a weapon. Then the friend uses the weapon while the others get weapons, see if the single player can survive with submission only.

Rumble Pak 9 out of 10

The rumble pak adds a nice affect to this game, especially when it replays three times in a row. With the rumble pak you can tell how hard you kicking the crap out of someone. You can tell a difference when they are blocking and still strong and they are blocking and weak.

Frustration 10 out of 10

Well this game only gives you frustration when you playing friends, double teamed, or caught in a trap where you can't seem to do anything. But if you want to frustrate someone, let them kick the crap out of you and when ever they try to pin you tap the joystick. Of course don't tell them about the joystick trick, or it ruins the fun.

Replayability 10 out of 10

You can play this game over and over. This is such a phat multi-player game it never gets old, someone is always doing an awesome move, like the power bomb, jackhammer, or scorpion death drop. My pak has at least 18 hours of play and I've had it a week and a half now. And this game is even fun when you loosing, because of the awesome moves and replays.

Game Value 10 out of 10

This game is defiantly worth 60 bucks. I mean its the best multi-player game ever.

Overall 8 out of 10

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