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WCW/NWO Revenge

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Reviewed by Jackie Revenge was at stores everywhere in October-November 98 and is made by THQ. Can it beat the ever-powerful WWF Warzone made by Acclaim? Read on to find out. But when you're done reading, don't take my word for it. Try it yourself!

Graphics 9 out of 10

This game has incredible graphics. Personally, I think the graphics have improved from WCW vs. NWO: World Tour. Or at least the background anyway. If you look around, you can see fans wearing NWO shirts, Sting masks, and 3/4 of them have signs. Now look at World Tour's crowd. It looks like cardboard cutouts! THQ really went out of their way for this. The wrestlers are also very clear. Anybody can understand who they picked as their wrestler, but if you get a clear picture of someone in the introduction to the game, you know the graphics are going to be sharp.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

The music in this game is gets really annoying after awhile. The thing is, there are wrestler entrances but no real life entrance music. It is their music and there are about 4 different kinds of "THQ" music that are played at random through the match. It is not bad enough for you to hit the mute button, but it gets bad! The thing that boosts my score up for this category are the sound effects. I mean, who can forget the smash of Eric Bischoff's head going right through that steel chair? Or the slam of Big Poppa Pump as his head is about ready to go through the mat after a spike powerbomb? The crowd is a big factor as well. No chants develop, or at least I haven't heard any. But there is a roar of people throughout the match shouting like in real life. A couple people stand out as well.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

The challenge on this game depends on two big factors. One of them is what mode you use. So I have put this graph together for you to the best of my knowledge. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best) I would rate the modes: Easy = 6 Normal = 8 Hard = 9 1/2 The other factor is the wrestler you choose. I have a feeling that Goldberg can get you farther than Lodi.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Two thumbs up for this category! First of all, great graphics are the first step in good game play. And knowing Revenge has unbelievable graphics, you know the game play will be good. A fun thing in this game is where you wrestle. There are many ring formats to choose from. It has everything from a normal Monday Nitro format to a Bash at the Beach PPV format! Luckily the controllers are setup that you don't wind up mashing your fingers all over the joypad and yelling at the screen because you pushed the right code but the move didn't come up. All the moves are in the book, and the same code goes for every finishing move. Simple as that! I'd say taunting is the best part of the game. After you beat snot out of someone, you can do a personal taunt that each wrestler has. Beware, once you discover the taunt button you never may be able to let go. Costume changes are a biggie. Not only can you choose from at least 3 of that wrestler's outfits but wait till you hear this, you can use other wrestler's outfits! You heard me right, you can use other wrestler's outfits. Now who doesn't want to see Goldberg wearing an "Eddy Guerrero is My Favorite Wrestler" T-shirts? Two words: Championship belts. You beat a number of opponents and become the #1 contender for the belt you choose, and if you win, have the belts in your name until someone defeats you. Isn't that cool? There are also ultimate weapons you can use. Don't you remember the weapons in World Tour? Well they got better. There are those weapons plus a couple other ones. And get can TAKE THEM IN THE RING! I smell a handicap match.

Rumble Pak 9 out of 10

The Rumble Pak has always been fun with games. It really gets me into the game. But friends I warn you, if you have the game difficulty mode on high and you have a wrestler Chris Jericho's level or under...TURN THE THING ON LOW! If you dare to keep on high, hang on tight, and don't build a house of cards for the next 5 days.


I didn't have too many problems with this game but there are a couple things I'll mention. The first one I noticed is that when you are losing, the opposing wrestlers over-taunt. And you will notice that they're always the ones everybody hates. Another thing I can't stand is when you are about to win a battle royal and then Mr. Cool pulls you out of the ring. Yep, the last two people thrown out stay out and taunt. Then if you go anywhere near the ropes where they're standing, kiss your win goodbye, buddy. The last thing that got me mad was the computer can double-team you. They pick you up, send you against the ropes, slam you over the ropes...I could go on forever. I haven't figured out how to do that yet, and I'm not willing to waste my time and slam my fist onto the joypad for 20 minutes until I blow up the darn thing.

Replayability 9 out of 10

I guess I have enough guts to say the challenges go quickly if you have the right guys. But overall, I think the game is interesting enough to play over and over. There is always something new you discover when you play this game.

Game Value 10 out of 10

This game is well worth the $59.99. It may be lower when you are reading this, but I think 60 bucks is a bargain for this. Seriously! My eyes will pop out of my head the time this game reaches $39.99. Well, maybe not, but hey, I could get that lady who does it on the talk shows to do it for me. This game is probably the best game Nintendo 64 has on its game line at this time. Yes, Warzoneites, I think so. It may not have the create a player mode, but Warzone doesn't have costume rotate.

Introduction at start of game 10 out of 10

Let me tell you something. I wanted to turn out the light in the rec room to watch this. It started off like a movie. Next it showed the wrestlers from NWO Wolfpac, NWO Hogan, and WCW. Then it ended up in a showcase of finishing moves. If you have ever played NHL 97-99 for the PC and saw the intro, you know what I mean.

Game Modes 9 out of 10

There are a couple championship belts you can go after. At first, they give you the three choices: U.S. Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and Tag Team Championships. As you defeat them, there are more options. And one secret I'll give you...more wrestlers go on your roster as you win the belts. There are two common exhibition modes, single and tag team which are clean, classic, and fun. Special matches battle royal and handicap are eight fingers up, and two thumbs as well. I agree with most of the reviewers, this game needs some more modes. Look at WWF Warzone. It has at least 3x the different game modes. But on the other hand, I guess I can credit THQ on this one. They would have had to set up an camera in ER [Eric Bischoff's room] if there was a cage match.

Overall 10 out of 10

This game is the greatest sports game I have ever played. And that is a lot to say for me, since I have played many. I credit THQ and all the other companies who made WCW/NWO Revenge.

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