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Wave Race 64

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Reviewed by Slimu Combine Miyamoto's creativity, water, the ocean, jet-skis, polygons, the N64, super graphics, and what have you got? Wave Race 64! This superb game ranks up there with the ones who got awards for the best first-generation Nintendo 64 games. One of the best soundtracks ever for the Nintendo 64, a wide-variety of stunts, and the most animals in a Jet-ski game ever! The graphics of the game is as good as any above average game. Fully polygonal is what we slimes just love! Features fully polygoned racers, as well as jet-skis, and animal wild-life, and also landscapes, and water effects! Speaking of water effects, this game's (water effects) is the absolute best! Much better than any PSX and Arcades can handle! You know, once I went to an Arcade place, and they had this jet-ski game. The graphics were totally unimpressive, and the water effects in this arcade game looked like untransparent glitchy blue blankets. Apparently, Miyamoto should have noticed this bad problem, and when interviewed about Wave Race, he specified that he is working on the water effects very hard, and hopes for it to look as realistic as possible. Hooray to Mr. M! Now, enough about the water, let's get to how the other graphics look like. The racers are beautifully textured and polygoned, and looks so realistic! They had the hair bobbing up and down, has their feet kick water off them, has their elbows twist a little, and everything else that makes the game's racers realistic. Now the landscape/courses are all beautifully polygoned and textured too. Need I say more? The only problems really with the graphics is that they had pixelized audiences. Every racer game for N64 has pixelized audiences, so what am I complaining for?! Now let's take a look at the music. As said in the intro of this review, it does feature one of the best soundtracks in the N64 library. And I wouldn't lie about that. It does feature one of the best soundtracks. Even though the music does sound like a 16-instrument computer midi, it is still rich and beautiful, and upbeat, and perfect for the surroundings, and that's all I need from music. And the best part is, it's loud! I can hear it! Unlike most N64 games, the music is so weak. This is a big part of how the game's music got the score I gave. The sound of the game is superb! All voices are great! Except, of course, the announcer, who becomes monotonous. I wouldn't want to mention what he says, for I may lose my place as the pest of the page :). But the racer's voices all are natural and what anybody would expect. And the watery splashes are all natural and realistic, which is wonderful. The motor in the game seem to be unchanged from the original Jet-ski motor, and nothing's annoying about that, thank you Nintendo. And the bumps and stuff are all great. But one little prob: The crashes are silly. They seem to only recorded one sound for the bumps and crashes. But only two flaws, both not so major, and I believe that this is a game with sounds that reach way past above average. The controls in the game isn't just plain. You don't just race. You don't just turn and accelerate. What's left? Stunts! Lots of stunts! All of which can be used in a number of ways! One of me and Slimu's favorites is making the girl racer to a handstand, then racing towards a pillar, and *CRASH!!!* "Aye!!!!" *Heh heh* It's just so funny! But first, I'll say how the basic controls are. Everything's pretty basic. No complex button combinations to race. The controls can be changed by Grip, and some other options of which I forgot. But there's 3 controller configurations, and that's already good enough. Actually great! The challenge of the game isn't exactly what I call fair. They don't have a Easy Mode for beginners, and each difficulty level advances a bit too far. Like, I'm on Normal Mode. It's average and real easy, and I beat it. Hard Mode. Aye! They're all scary! Finally beat it. Expert Mode? Help me! Never went past expert mode. So I would conclude that the game's AI is not the best, but the Hard Mode is always a good challenge, and when I get really good, I might give the Expert Mode a chance. The replay Value of the game is pretty good. It stinks that I haven't beaten the game yet, but it's nice to know I have gotten the dolphin code :). Check the CCTTs for info 'bout that. The two-player mode is also fun, and the stunts mode is fun also. But all pretty much average. Now the out for yourself. Buy or rent the game. I think this is a worthwhile game, and everyone should give it a chance, because this is the first quality-filled extreme racer for the N64.

Graphics 8.9 Music 9.0 Sound 8.9 Control 9.2 Challenge 8.0 Replay 7.8 Overall 8.7

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