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Wave Race 64

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Reviewed by Nicholas Kramer Well, it's been a long time since the release of Super Mario 64 and PilotWings 64. Mario 64 has the honor of being called "the best video game of all time." Most of us have already gotten all 120 stars in the game, and had been hoping for something new. Well, wait no more! Wave Race 64 appeared in stores and after just 2 and a half hours of play, I can honestly say that it deserves the honor of being called "the best racer of all time." When you slap in the game, you see the now famous N64 logo(which will hopefully be in all future N64 games). Then, you're treated to a great opening sequence in which the camera floats above calm waters at first with smooth music, then the music jams on and the racers make their appearance.

The Graphics

The graphics are crisp, clear, and the best yet on N64. "The best racer of all time" is also "the most realistic racer of all time." The water effects are way past cool. The game designers used real wave propagation and water physics to make the best effect possible. The water ranges from the calm shores of Drake Lake to the typhoon-like waves of Marine Fortress. The wake left by your Jet Ski can also affect the other racers, and throw them off-course. In Drake Lake, their is ultra-realistic water reflections of the landscape, and in Sunset Bay, you can actually see solar-flare when the camera faces the sun.

The Sound

You've heard by nay-sayers how carts can't give you CD-Quality sound and voice. Well, the next time someone tells you that, let them listen to the announcers in Wave Race. There is a massive amount of voice in the game. The great thing is, there are so many different lines from the announcer that he never get's boring to listen to. If you totally wipe out the competition in a race, he belts out "Banzai!!"

The Control

The control is excellent, and also customizable. Just like riding a real Jet Ski, you can shift your center of gravity to get the best and sharpest turn possible. Press down/left to make a sharp left, and vice-versa. You can also pull off some pretty cool stunts like barrel rolls, hand-stands, somersaults, and you can even dive underater like a submarine to make short cuts.

In Conclusion

If you own an N64, this game is a MUST-BUY! The N64 has been getting the best games ever and now has one more to add to it's slowly but surely growing library of hits. For only $69.95 at most stores, Wave Race 64 is worth every penny. But then again, what would you expect from the best company in the business?

Overall: 10/10

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