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Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey

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Reviewed by Sean Hastings

Graphics 3.5/5

The graphics are just ok. To tell ya the truth I was expecting MORE! One of the things that got to me more then anything was the fact that you could not make out different faces on the different players. I would thing that with a 64 bit system that this would be possible. This really does bother me! Looking beyond that, the ice looks really good and the jerseys are near to amazing!! Very realistic! The camera angles are nice but I find only 2 or 3 of them useful.

Sound 4/5

The sound on this game is nice. One of the things that I like best about this part of the game is that you can adjust it. YES ADJUST IT!! There are a few different sound effects that you can adjust to different levels. When you play they all work together, it's very cool. The sounds range from the crowd, the announcer to the sound of the puck and players.

Control 5/5

This is where Gretzky's Hockey 64 really excels!!! The control is flawless! Not to mention the fact that you have the option of using either the analog control stick or the digital control pad. I was hoping that there would be games that allowed you to use either, and here it is. I personally like to use the stick but either one works well. The control you have over the players on the ice is as close to perfect as one could hope for. Immediate response!!

Overall Game Play 4.5/5

The game play is very good! the one complaint that I have about this is that you use almost all the buttons with this game and either I haven't gotten use to it yet or it is very hard to place your finger on the right button. (maybe it's just me) The response is very good and smooth!

Lastability 3.5/5

I haven't had the game long enough to really comment on this but if I had to take a guess I'd say that is single player mode it might get boring after you beat the hell out of it a few hundred times. But when playing with more then 1 person I'd say this could be more then worth it!!!

Overall 3.7/5

Overall I'd say if your a hockey fan you'll love this and probably find no flaw in this game except for the lack of stats. If your just a video game person and not a real hockey fan. This is a good, fun game (more fun with more players!) that you will most probably be happy with, but find a few annoying flaws with.

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