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Vigilante 8

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Reviewed by Colin Healy Vigilante 8 for the Nintendo 64 improves in just about every area over its Playstation counterpart. The game combines racing and shooting to create one of the best games on the Nintendo 64.

Graphics 9 out of 10

The graphics in this game are excellent. If you have the expansion pak you can access the high-resolution mode. While the hi-res mode has cleaner graphics than the medium-res, the hi-res mode has a drop in framerate occasionally. The explosions are very colorful and nice-looking, although they look a little 2D at times. The cars look very detailed, and you can see the damage on the cars after you get hit a lot.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Music is probably the game's weakest point. The Playstation version has much better music and sound. However, this doesn't at all take away from an overall great game. One very nice addition that is worth mentioning is that you can select which music track you want the game to play on each level. (My personal favorite is track #3)

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

The game is fairly easy on the easy difficultly level, but on the higher levels it is a little challenging. This game won't keep you busy for ever, but it will for a decent amount of time. Let me put it this way, I beat the game in 3 rentals.

Game Play-Fun 9.5 out of 10

If this game is anything at all, IT IS FUN!! There is nothing like tailing an enemy car and then blasting it with one of the many weapons in the game. One of the most fun game on the Nintendo 64 for sure. Also, the game has one of the first three dimensional co-op modes on the Nintendo 64, which is a total blast. (two player only though.) There is 4 player deathmatch which is also great.

Replayability 7 out of 10

Once you beat the game with all the characters and difficulty levels there isn't much left to do, but the multiplayer game will keep you busy for ages. The four player game is especially a blast. Buying the game just for the multiplayer option is worth it.

Overall 9.5 out of 10

Vigilante 8 is a great game that no one should miss. This game is total fun, single player and multiplayer. Everything is well done, weapons, control, graphics, physics. Even if you have the Playstation version, you may want to get this version because of the great co-op mode.

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