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Vigilante 8

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Reviewed by Anthony Einsel Over the past few years Nintendo 64 fans have been griping about no violent car games. Ever since Twisted Metal came out, fans wanted some of this for their Nintendo 64. All that going to change when Vigilante 8 comes out. Let's see how it graded...

Graphics 8.0 out of 10

Luxoflux did an excellent job recreating the PSX version of V8. Only this time it's more crisp, clear, and bright. It gives most of the people a post-apocalyptic look that would happen if our oil reserves ran out. Explosions, details, and even effects has its moments. The only problem is that the system has a small dose of fog and detail is out of commission. But you don't need that 4MB Pak for graphic capabilities.

Music and Sound 7.8 out of 10

The music in Vigilante is hip, groovy, and smooth. Very ambient, and disco stylish. Just the way for hip 70's characters. It has also a music track with 8 themes... So if you want the them of V8 go to track 1. If you want a cutesy-offbeat hippy tune, go to track 8. The voices of the characters are hilarious and add atmosphere to the game. From Boogie's high pitched voice, to Molo's bully-ish accent.

Game Challenge 6.9 out of 10

There's not much challenge in this game. Just destroy your opponents and protect or destroy any object for your objective. Vigilante's have the hardest job, to protect different kind of things. While Coyotes' have the advantage to destroy different kind of things... Which make their quest easier.

Game Play-Fun 9.0 out of 10

Vigilante 8 has so much fun in it. Of how you blow up stuff and destroy other vehicles. It has many modes of play and even a great multiplayer mode. The hilarious characters and muscle cars give the game atmosphere. You'll be logging on to serious time with this kind of game.


Not much frustration. Just blow up anything that stands in your way like cars. But it gets frustrated when you can't protect much of your objective with your Vigilante character.

Replayability 8.7 out of 10

Vigilante 8 has the arcade and survival mode that has tons of fun in them and you're able to blast many different cars as you like. The quest mode isn't that big, so you'll have no time beating it. The multi-player mode stands out as one of the best of all things. Brawl, Team, Smear. So that way your 3 other friends could have fun with this pak.

Overall 9.7 out of 10

The most outstanding title of car-nage violence of Nintendo 64. I recommend this game wholeheartedly to all who love Twisted Metal and these other kinds of games. After this, bring on Vigilante's sequel.

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