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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

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Reviewed by Turok: Dinosaur Hunter- Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is out. What can I say? This game is dumb. Oh wait! I'm thinking of Jett Moto. Turok is absolutely THE best shoot-em-up I've seen in a long time. Write from the start when you see the Iguana logo with a fully 3-D Iguana running from arrows, you know this one is going to be action packed! It delivers.

The graphics are superb. With only a look at Turok's arm holding one of many super-charged weapons (even some arrows explode), you really feel like you're in the game. As you walk around, you look all around you, taking in the vines hanging from above, the rickety bridges made from logs, the huge cliffs that lead down to the abyss, dark mysterious caves with many twists and turns, large open fields filled with ruins of civilizations that were, then you notice the bad guys. These scum of the earth come in all shapes and sizes. You have natives, armed with hatchets and arrows, commandos with pistols and shotguns, Leapers that flitter around literally biting your ankles, and even raptors with, well big nasty teeth! Turok combats this with a quick knife used for slitting an enemies throat, a pistol for short range attacks, a shotgun, exploding tek-arrows, regular arrows, grenades, etc. etc. All which, when used effectively, end in a dead enemy. The baddies fall, moan, and twitch in one of many death scenes all while blood spurts from their neck and pours from their newly found holes. All of this is done with amazing realism and actually, it's only the first level! All while romping through the ancient jungles, Turok must be on the look out for several things. Most important, level keys. Once Turok collects all the keys of a level he can travel to a sort of portal land. A mysterious place clouded in fog that leads to each of the 8 tremendous, vast levels. Turok takes his keys and heads towards the next level. On Turok's quest for keys, he must also keep his eyes peeled for pieces of the chronoscepter. This, the biggest weapon of all, was broken and scattered through the lands in 8 pieces. Once Turok collects all 8 parts he will find himself ready for the ultimate showdown with the campaigner! Turok: Dinosaur Hunter also has it's share of codes. You will find an enter code menu and once you enter the code, it can be turned on and off forever. The best code I've found is: SNFFRR. This activates Disco mode. It keeps the music a little more upbeat rather than the usual jungle beats you normally hear. None of the enemies will attack you since their too busy dancing. Except for the beetles of course. Apparently they never learned disco. Finally, we would like to say that this game will scare. There's nothing like a huge bald man with an axe jumping off a ledge, almost out of the sky, attacking you out of the corner of your eye with a big flash of red across the screen from your blood. Turok is like another realm of videogaming that Mario is not allowed to enter. When you get to worked up, you'll find yourself cooling down with a nice relaxing, almost soothing, game of Tomb Raider. Like we said, this game is the new standard.

STARS: 120/120!!

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