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Top Gear Rally

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Reviewed by Slimu What can I say? Top Gear Rally is thee most greatest racing game of all time! Just super superb polygonal graphics, the best music ever heard in an N64 game, Super realistic and (in the words of a very silly cat name Silla) groovy sound effects, great challenge, and the best replay value! Graphics are just great in this game! I have never seen graphics this good in any racing games! The courses are sooo realistic! Just the best seen in video game history! It's just so smooth and wonderful and magnificent and spectacular and dream-like...And There are virtually no slow downs and hardly any pop-ups! The frame rates is just spectacular! It really feels like you are actually in the car! Oh, and this game uses The RuMbLe pAk! The ultimate accessary of the Nintendo 64! And this game makes darn good use of it! You could feel every bump, every skid, every crash, well, you get the idea. And you know those reviews about how kewl the crashes are in Mario Kart 64? Forget that! This game has every single crash in the book! It can do a number of crashes! The most favorite of mine is the tumble. It's like you hit something, then you go flying in the air while your car spins around and around. And there's a first person perspective! Can you imagine how crazy it would be in a first person perspective!?! I think I now know what happened when Princess Diana crashed. Drawing fans rejoice! An early version of Mario Paint has come! The Paint Shop in TGR! This is like a Mario Paint, a car paint shop, and a computer paint program! What's this Paint Shop for anyway? Well, Nintendo seems to want a lot of veriaty and customizable stuff these days (Different color controllers, game boys, game boy pockets, etc...) and the Paint Shop serves as a way to customize the design of your car! This is the most thoughtful thing Nintendo has done since the Rumble Pak! I just love this thing! Now the wonderful word of Music! This game has the most impressive soundtrack in Nintendo 64's history! Well, actually Tetrisphere's game comes in second! It has great compositions that can go all the way over 3 minutes long! That's longer than some Final Fantasy VII music! And all of them are rich and actually let's you "Play It Loud!" (Unlike some other Nintendo 64 games which have weak volume) Sound Station! Great super sound effects! You know what? I could stay on the menu screen forever just selecting and selecting. It never gets annoying and never gets boring! And, unlike MRC, the motor sound in this game is totally unannoying and actually sounds like a real motor! It's kind of a cross between my mom's car (which is a sport car, by the way) and an Indianapolis car. And the skidding sounds are awesome! It sounds exactly like a real skid! Every single sound effect in this game is realistic! The crashes sound real, the bumps sound real, the engine sounds real, the rain sounds real...I could go on for a looong time naming what sounds real in the game! This is the most greatest sounds in Nintendo! Controlling the car is simple. It's hard enough to give you an idea of how to handle a 100 MPH car, and easy enough to stay on course for over half a lap. It requires strategy, unlike Mario Kart 64, and is possible, unlike Multi Racing Championship. I would say this is the most realistic (how many times have I said realistic in this review?...) controls ever! And if you want it to not be realistic and let it be easy or hard, you could change it! There's 3 options for what type of steering wheel you want, (Large, Medium, Small) then 3 options on what tires you want. There's also 4 types of controller options. That means you can have, I think, 36 difficulty levels for controls! But the bug is it's really hard to turn 90 degrees. The Challenge is really fun and exciting! You have 19 competitors in the championships mode, but it's still possible to get in first place! How?, you ask? Well, this game's AI is just the best! You can crash and you could only be put back one rank! But that doesn't mean it's easy. It can be tough as you advance, so beware. And basically, the challenge of this game is great! Replay Value of Top Gear Rally is just wonderful! Knowing how realistic it can be, you can probably use Top Gear Rally for something like a pre-driver license test thingy! And you could also play two players! Or you could just listen to the music, or maybe you could crazy drive and see what kind of crashes you can perform, or joy-ride in the night and see what happens when you go at full speed up a super steep hill while you have the rumble pak, and the list goes on! Top Gear Rally's is the perfect definition of pure racing action that doesn't get boring! And with the extra Paint Shop, it adds more to the Replay of this game! Overall, Top Gear Rally is the best racer ever seen in video game history, and it surely breaks some limits! It also brings new meaning too the slogan "Change The System."

Graphics 10 Music 9.9 Sound 9.9 Control 9.5 Challenge 9.8 Replay 10 Overall 9.9

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