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Top Gear Rally

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Reviewed by Top Gear Rally is the newest racing game on the N64. It's a great game, but it really stinks without a memory pack. Let's look at the details. The graphics in Top Gear Rally are impressive. They are polygonal (of course) but done in a nice way to prevent glitches. The surroundings are pretty good compared to GoldenEye, the walls or trees are not flat. The road are simple patterns put in various ways. There is fog if you choose, and there's rain and snow. They all look nice. The sound is, well, not too good. There's about two sound effects, the motor and crashing. The music is okay, not exciting, but pretty cool. Lots of people hate the controls at first. But once they get used to it, it seems good. There is 3 different types of control: large wheel, medium wheel, and small wheel. This means, the bigger, the more you have to push the control stick. When using a smaller wheel, you push it slightly and you will turn more. I like #3 (small) the best. A is throttle, B is brake, and C is camera. To go backwards, hold A and push backwards. Very simple. Also R and Z is to change gears if you're on manual. This game is quite hard. If you don't save, (you need a memory pack) and turn your N64 off, next time you play you'll be at the start with 2 cars and 1 course. Kind of sucks. There is lots of cars and lots of courses (I'm not sure how many) There is also conditions, like snow, sunny, rain, night, and fog. There is 6 years, each with 6 seasons which have some races (usually 4) You can change what kind of shocks you have, your steering, and some other things. What makes this game so good is that it is very fun!! It can be frustrating some times, but not often. The courses are huge, each lap is about 2 minutes! There is 2 player arcade, championship, practice, and a paint mode where you can paint on the cars, that's very cool. There is so many options! That is another reason why this game is so great. If you plan to buy this game, I suggest you also get a memory pack, or else you won't get too far (with the exceptions of if you leave you N64 on all the time, or play for a long time) This game is very good. Happy gaming.

+ Plus: Good graphics and very fun - Minus: Poor sound, need memory pack big time = Equals: The best racer on the N64 (I have not played MRC yet.)

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