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Top Gear Rally

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Reviewed by Jacob Greenwald As a very big fan of video games, I normally play every new Nintendo 64 game (especially racing games). Top Gear Rally was one title which I immediately rented as soon as it arrived at the store. This game appeared to be a very promising game. Now, there was a little background, now into the actual review.

Graphics 9/10

As far as games on home consoles go, Top Gear Rally takes home the gold for graphics in a racing game. This game is unparalleled in terms of graphics (with exception to Wave Race 64), especially when compared to the mediocre title MRC. The graphics are very smooth, there is no fog (except when it is raining or in the weather condition fog), and it is very realistic. One of the most interesting things is the paint shop where you paint your own car. The graphics weren't knock your socks of, so to speak, but they were in a way impressive.


Sound effects and music don't make a game but they can certainly take some fun out if they're bad. In Top Gear Rally, the sound affects were very clear and traditional, while the music was also crisp and unique. The sound in TGR definitely gets a good grade.

Control and game play 8/10

Top Gear Rally featured some realistic game play and control. It is not a very easy game to master, and getting used to it may take some time. It is, however very well done and gets a good grade. The game is actually fun to play after you get used to the controls (as opposed to the mediocre and often boring MRC) and has good replay value here.

Overall Rating 8.75/10

Take all of this throw in a decent number of tracks (5 plus mirror tracks), 2 player mode, rumble pak compatibility, and you've got yourself a winner. This game is without a doubt at the top of the N64 pack, following Wave Race 64 (and Mario Kart excluded). While this game isn't must have, it definitely won't hurt your N64 gaming library.

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