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Reviewed by Tetrisphere is the first puzzle game for the N64. It is sort of a variation of Tetris, but in the form of a sphere, and there are some different things also. The object is to remove pieces from the sphere by dropping other pieces that are the same. Sound kind of weird? Don't get it? Well, it does not matter, it's hard to explain. That's why the game has a very helpful training mode. I suggest going there first, then going into practice. Well, it's a puzzle game, and that means not too good graphics. During the game, the graphics are not very good, they could probably do it on Sony Playstation and some other systems. I like the effect when you get to the core, and you see the light, it's cool. Every thing out of the game play has excellent graphics. Like, when you choose your character, the intro, when you play Vs. and lots more. They are very clean, polygonal graphics that don't look flat and seem round, not like some games. The background music is okay, like some techno, funk type music. There are not too many sound effects. The only ones are when you move a block, shoot magic, remove a block, drop a block, and when you miss a block. Nothing much I can say on this. The controls are very basic: A to drop a block, B to slide block, and C down to shoot magic. Don't get it? Don't worry, use the training mode when you get a hold of the game. You use the + control pad to move around. The controls are very simple and they are good to do the job. There's lots of stuff to do in this game. First of all, there's single player. In that there's rescue where you have to rescue your friend. Then there's hide-and-go-seek, which has lots of different things. There's Vs. CPU and puzzle (one of my favorites). Vs. CPU you have to well, take on the CPU. In puzzle, they only give you a certain amount of slides and drops let's say one of each, and you have to take out all the blocks that they have given you. There is also time trails - get as many points as you can as fast as you can. Secondly, there's Vs. mode in which you can play 2 or more players, only one at a time though. There is practice, training and options. Like I said there is lots of stuff to do! With all that stuff to do, it would probably have good replay value, right? That may be wrong. I sort of got bored of it already, in all those modes, you basically do the same thing, take out blocks. But most puzzle games don't have too great replay value. I think it is a great game to rent a couple times, but not too great to buy.

+ Plus: Very original and fun! - Minus: Not too many sounds, no great replay value. = Equals: A good game to rent, not that great to buy.

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