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Super Smash Brothers

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Reviewed by -=\^/@!+er=- As a rather big fan of Nintendo, I've always wanted to know who would win in a big fight when a lot of Nintendo characters kick the snot out of each other! And Super Smash Brothers gives me the chance! I love this game! I personally prefer playing as Yoshi, because Yoshi rules! his moves are by far the best, and he makes cool sounds.

Graphics: 20 out of 23

The graphics in this game are terrific. I can make out the sprites very easily, which could be considered a good thing, because if I couldn't make them out, then I wouldn't be able to enjoy Super smash brothers as much as I do. Which makes me glad that the graphics are good. The stages are full of colorful colors that make you wish you were actually in the game, testing out your strength against Yoshi or Kirby. These graphics scream "Play me!!!"

Music and Sound: 21 out of 23

The music is filled with many great nostalgic tunes that make me remember the innocent days of my game playing youth.I truly did miss the Zelda over world theme in Zelda 64, and this game makes it all better, as it has the famous song, that made Zelda so famous. and it has the original Mario brothers song, too!! Does it really get any better than this? Sources say: NO

Game Challenge: 18 out of 23

This is the only thing that really almost angers me about this game, and that is that there is not much of a challenge! Even on really really super extra hard, I can beat this game easily. Me and Yoshi go all the way. If Nintendo had made it harder, it would have been good, and all those continues suck, too. but oh well, the other aspects of this game make the challenge very noticeable!!!!

Game Play-Fun: 23 out of 23

This is what I enjoy most out of Super Smsha brothers. It is just so darn tooting fun! I can barely sit still, when Yoshi smashes DK over the head with a hammer, or Mario kicks Fox Mcleoud in his but! It has me rolling on the floor laughing! I love this game, and it is sooooo much fun. It was definitely worth the money I paid for it!!

Rumble Pak: 30 out of 30

Oh my, the rumble pak makes it soooo realistic. It makes it seem like I am actually in the action! and THAT is the signs of a good fighting game. Nintendo really hit it on the mark when they made it rumble pak accessible! That is why I enjoy this game so much, because Nintendo made it, and I get to kick the snot out of other Nintendo characters!


This game does not frustrate me. It just can't. It is THAT much fun, that it just doesn't frustrate me. Truly the signs of a great game. I guess only one thing frustrates me, is the lack of great endings. Usually Nintendo is known for their captivating endings, and this is just disappointing. All I get is a PICTURE?! boooo!

Game Value: $50 out of $50

Of course it is worth the price. I play this game EVERY single day! Even if it were 100 dollars,I would still have got it and played it a lot, because the price really doesn't make a difference at all! It is soo much fun!

World of Nintendo's help-ability to make fun of friends: 23 out of 23

Thanks to World of Nintendo, I am even MORE able to make fun of my friends while playing this game. My friend Evan usually beats me at games, but thanks to World of Nintendo, I know all the moves now, and I beat him! Smash Bros. is that fun! I love this game so much!

Overall: 21 out of 23

I am sooo glad I bought this game cause it like, rules and stuff. If you don't believe me, just ask my bestest friend on the net, Decapitt. He'll tell you. When I pop this game into my N64, there is a certain magic that happens, that can never make me put down the controller, and for that, I am thankful. When shigeryu miyamitato founded Nintendo (I think) he sure had a good idea when he made Mario the star attraction. that brought on all these other characters, and that is what is great about it. Thank you for reading my review.

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