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Super Smash Bros.

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Reviewed by Behonkiss Super Smash Bros. does something that I've wanted Nintendo to do for years-put their top characters in a fighting game to duke it out! With the new Pokemon stars, I guess Nintendo decided the time was right to make this game secretly, and reveal it to the public mere months before its release. This title even has what we've been waiting for-the Nintendo 64 debut of Samus Aran and Ness! The question is, will you like it? If you're a nostalgic mega-Nintendo fan like me or a person who likes just about every genre, it's mostly yes. If you're a serious fighter.....Well, wait and see.

Graphics 8 out of 10

Like Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. looks good, but could have been better. I was expecting some of the characters to look less sharp-edged and polygonal, but they ended up that way. It would have been nice if Nintendo and HAL had used the Expansion Pak on this one for nice graphics. Of course, they aren't that bad. The arenas are nicely rendered, and even though some characters don't look as good as they did in their previous Nintendo 64 outings, they don't look awful. The main problem is that just about all of the items and non-playable Pokemon are prerendered, making them look quite blurry.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

This category won't disappoint. They have great new renditions of familiar themes (The opening music in Pokemon, Super Mario Bros. and even the legendary Overworld Zelda music that isn't in Ocarina of Time!), and familiar and faithful voice samples for each character (DK's grunts, Mario's yells, Link's 'yah', and Pikachu's babbling). All Pokemon voices are identical to those in the TV show, too!

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

It's quite easy. Really, it's a breeze. You can beat the one-player mode very quickly. This is why serious fighters may want to stay away from this game. It's simple and quick.

Replayability 6 out of 10

This is the only really bad thing about Super Smash Bros.-the replayability stinks. The one-player mode's way too short. Once you beat the game with all the secret characters and get all the hidden ones, that's it. Of course, there's always the glorious multiplayer mode.

Overall 8.7 out of 10

Super Smash Bros. is a fun little addition to the N64 world, it's only true flaw (just like Mario Party) being it's dismal one-player mode, which is far too short. A good rental for one player, and a must-buy for multiplayer!

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