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Star Fox 64

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Reviewed by Scott Stocker The evil Andross is at it again. This time he's wrecking havoc on the N64. As the sequel to the smash hit on the SNES, Star Fox 64 won't disappoint. This game is just simply amazing! Let's forget, for a moment, about Star Fox 64's incredible graphics, sound, and control. Let's talk about the one thing that makes or breaks a game. How much fun the game is determines if the ga> certainly doesn't disappoint in fun. Star Fox 64 is the most entertaining and fun game I have ever had the opportunity to play, even more fun than Mario 64! You can't stop playing Star Fox. Fun isn't the only thing Star Fox 64 has going for it. The one thing the N64 is most famous for (other than delays) is its amazing graphics. Star Fox 64 continues the tradition with the best graphics I've seen of any game. Fox and the gang have outdone Mario! From the excellent cinemas to the levels and enemies themselves, the graphics are superb. The whole game has a cinematic feel to it. Simply put, the graphics RULE! The game doesn't slack off with sound, either. You've already heard enough about the interactive voices in the game. They are unbelievable and add a whole new dimension to the game. It's just awesome. The music isn't bad, but isn't as good as the original. The music is one of the few downpoints. The music fits the situation and, well, isn't annoying. The music could be better, but it could be worse. Star Fox's game play is great. The control comes easily and is impressive. You won't be disappointed. You've already heard enough about the rumble pak, so this won't be long. Everything you've heard is true. The pak is amazing and adds so much to an already great game. You can actually feel the game. After playing Star Fox for a while, it's hard to imagine it without the rumble pak. Every game has it's downs, and Star Fox is no exception. The game is just too easy. I beat it on my third try. There's also no save feature. The game takes one to one and a half hours to beat, so you will have to play for a while. The multi-player mode is also disappointing. It's always split into four scenes. Otherwise, you'll have a blast in multi-player. Overall, I'd say Star Fox 64 is one of the best games ever. The game is a MUST for any N64 owner. Get the game, and see for yourself pure fun and enjoyment:)

Graphics: 9.75 Sound: 9 Control: 10 Fun: 10 Replay: 8 Overall: 9.75

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