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Star Fox 64

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Initial impressions

The first time I played Star Fox 64 on my SNES, it left me breathless. It was so intense, the music was nothing short of amazing, and the game never seemed to get repetitive or boring. I cleared the simple difficulty level, and went onto medium to realize that it didn't only have more enemies, but the levels themselves were completely different. The replay value of this game made me come back again and again, making it one of my favorite SNES games. I knew Nintendo could do the same thing with Starfox 64, and for this reason, I bought it the morning it appeared at a local store called microplay. I already knew about the rumble pak, that you couldn't save, and in a way, I liked the fact that you couldn't save because this would mean there would be a huge challenge. I put the game in, and let it sit in idle because I knew there would be an introduction of some kind. I heard there would be a lot of voice, but the clarity and sheer number of phrases blew me away. Everyone now had a personality, and didn't just speak gibberish like they did in the original. I began my game on Corneria, and I was just amazed when I thought I was hearing a speech of some kind, the introduction which explained the story of the lylat system went on for so long, I was really surprised they got so much voice on the cart. After playing the game endlessly and getting landmasters, the on foot mode, medals on easy and expert on every level, I must say I am still not sick of this game.


When I found out that full motion video was too space intensive to be held on a cartridge, I really didn't mind that much. Seeing all the amazing cut scenes before and after almost every level made realize why people were angry about the absence of full motion video. In my mind though, I found that the cut scenes were an improvement because they could be changed depending on the situation. For example, in one stage there are missiles being fired at the great fox, which is the mother ship that is in charge of your ship and your friends. The first time I played, one of the missiles hit the great fox, and one of its wings got taken off. I did end up finishing the game, and I was surprised to see that in the ending sequence, the great fox was missing a wing. This wouldn't be possible with FMV because it is not using actual game graphics to produce a movie sequence. The games graphics were also very amazing. The were very, very smooth and colorful and were nothing short of breathtaking. All the enemies and especially the bosses were nicely detailed, and animated well. Some special effects like enemies plummeting into the water, and spherical explosions were really nice to watch, and were easily distinguishable as Miyamoto style graphics.


I expected nothing less of the control, and got exactly what I was hoping for. The arwing responded perfectly to every push of a button, and moved smoothly in every situation. The control stick is used to move the arwing up, down, left or right. The R button does a right barrel roll, the Z trigger does a left barrel roll. Left C brakes, Bottom C boosts, Top C changes the camera angle, and Right C answers messages from R.O.B 64. It was really easy to get used to this control, and this only made the game more fun to master, and more fun to play. The control was perfect in my opinion.


If there was one downside to this game, it would have to be the music. I would say that the music was a little better than good, but did not go with the gameplay. It was more upbeat than the original. The original Star fox had music that made you sweat while you were playing. The music in this game was okay, but that's about it. The sound effects on the other hand were very good, and went well with the explosions and laser fire. My favorite being the hyper laser sound. All the voice also made you forget about the music because someone was always talking and saying something different that never ceased to amaze me.

Replay Value

Normally, I wouldn't even rate replay value, but I must say that this game had the highest replay value of almost any game I know. Clearing the game is not too difficult, but getting all the medals, and doing the same in expert mode is very difficult indeed. Since everyone already seems to know about this, there is a way you can use landmasters, and even go on foot in battle mode! I found that the variety of the battle mode with the two extra features is great. Everything is well balanced, and all the modes have their own advantages or disadvantages. The graphics in battle mode are very smooth, and if you have a large TV, this is not something you should miss out on. This is one part of the game you may never get sick of as long as you have a group of friends who keep coming back for more. All in all, incredible replay value.

Overall 9.8 out of 10

Basically, this game has everything you could ever want. It has multi player, the one player mode is amazing and everything just seems to fit. Just more proof that Miyamoto will continue to amaze with his work, and this is one game that will be cherished by almost anyone who enjoys playing video games. If you own a Nintendo 64, and you don't play this game, you are really missing out.

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