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Star Fox 64

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Reviewed by Bob McGovern On July 2nd, 1997, I woke up early because today was a special day. My mom drove me to our local Best Buy to get there before they opened at 10 AM. There were almost ten other people waiting for the store to open, talking amongst themselves- but not a word was spoken about what they were going to purchase. Yet it was understood what everyone was about to buy- Star Fox 64! A worker opened the door and said "If you're looking for Star fox 64, it's in the back. If? Everyone was there for Star fox. Several people rushed down the isles, including myself; even some adults were running like madmen. We looked for but seconds in the video game department, but it was not there. A trick those people at Best Buy like to pull? Evil. But then we glanced at the music section and there a man was, hands full of boxes of the game we all wanted. I got the third one, and have been playing for weeks because this is the best shooter around. NOTE: All categories are rated on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Graphics: 4.9

+ Cool textures + Awesome special effects - Aquas looks awful (except the opening sequence there)

Play control: 4.9

+ Complex yet easy to play

Sound: 4.9

+ Good effects

Music: 4.7

+ Dramatic music + I expected far worse from the complaints in the reviews of the Japanese import (I still don't understand what people are complaining about).

Voice: 4.9

+ The characters' hints really help a lot sometimes - Slippy Toad: 6 year old girl? Actually, his voice isn't that bad.

Battle Mode: 4.6

+ Can be a lot of fun with four people - Huge arenas obviously meant for four people - Kind of hard to see - 2 player mode has a four way split screen - Battle Royal is useless considering it's a 1 point Point Match

Use of Rumble Pak: 5.0

+ Rumbles when you use boosters, get hit, and are near explosions

Ending: 4.7

+ Neat ending, neat music + Katt flies over Falco if you went to Zoness, or Bill flies above Fox if you went to Katina - The only change made to it if you beat the hard Venom is the words THE END instead of Andross. No mention of James at all (although you do see Fox looking for him before the ending starts).

Replay Value: 4.9

+ Will last a long time

Overall: 4.9

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