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Star Fox 64

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Reviewed by Sir T. Magus Sir T. Magus reporting and I am reviewing Star Fox 64 released by Nintendo on the Nintendo 64, created by the man-behind-Mario-Miyamoto. It was released June 30th-July 1st, 1997. It is the first game that is compatible with the Rumble Pak (which comes with the game pak).

Let's start with the graphics. The graphics are smoother and more realistic than the original Star Fox. In the first level (Corneria) the clear water effects looks fantastic. From the Arwing, bomb and laser reflections to the skidding and splashing. The sun ray effect makes the game more realistic. The enemies look fantastic and the Aquas level has excellent graphics. The opening cinema sequence is the best. It would remind you of watching the beginning of a Batman movie. The graphics get an A! The Rumble Pak is revolutionary and very clever. To "feel the game" is an experience you must never forget. From the slightest jolt when you get skimmed by an enemy laser to the tremendous explosion of an enemy weapons base the Rumble Pak is a great addition to the N64. The Rumble Pak rumbles an A-. The speech is great. Instead of speaking their zoobie-zabba-witch-doctor talk they speak PURE English. Each character has their own accent, way of speaking, slang, and some even speak like the Masterpiece Theatre host (Wolf). The voices for each character suit them. Fox sounded the way just the way I imagined and the voice of Slippy is pretty good. Falco's voice makes him more of a punk, cocky, "thinks-he's-all-that" pilot. And Peppy's voice is wise and fatherly. The speech and sound get an A+. The gameplay is perfect for this game. Each button is used for different kinds of movement. The control stick is smooth and works magically in "all-range mode". The gameplay gets an A. The music is probably the weakest part of the game. The music in the SNES Star Fox is FAR better than this. The only good music I've heard in this game is the opening music, Bill the Dog's music, Katina music (The music when you FIRST enter the level and meet Bill the Dog). The music gets a C+. The Difficulty is a grade better than music. Same as music, the SNES Star Fox difficulty is MUCH harder. There's not much to say about this except the levels should have been MUCH, MUCH longer and the Katina level should have had a more amount of enemies you have to hit before the mothership arrives. Just that there should have been an OPTIONS mode where you could have changed the difficulty. I give difficulty a B-. The story is a sure-fire hit. The evil, maniacal, twisted, Dr. Sorna-like (from Star Trek: Generations) scientist, Andross is trying to take over the Lylat System planet-by-planet with his ever-growing army. When Andross finally reached the last line of the Lylat System's defense (Sector Y, Katina, Fortuna, Meteo, and Corneria) General Pepper calls upon the Star Fox team to save the Lylat System and defeat the evil Andross, before he takes over the Lylat System and then the galaxy. Well, of course there's much more to the story but I don't want to spoil it for all the first-timers. And there are so many back-stories between each and every character that you can spin this game off into thousands of different fan-fictions (Which I am doing). Well, eventually I will be writing a Star Fox 64 novelization to sum up this fun-tastic story. The story gets an A++!!!!!!! The characters are all creative and are probably the most important part of the game. They each have their own voice, personality, back-story and looks. The characters get an A++!!!! The fun factor is ... FUN! It's extremely fun to destroy some scientist's army and go back through every level and try to win every medal you possibly could. Fun gets an A. Overall the game gets an A! It's a really great game and you should go out and buy it before your last one in you neighborhood to play it. Playing an Miyamoto game like this and Mario 64 is an experience. It's a part of history! So hop in your Arwing and dodge the asteroids of Meteo, keep your Arwing from burning up in Solar, and fire down as many enemies as you can in Area 6! I hope you get your wings!

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