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Star Fox 64

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Reviewed by Kamran Khan Star Fox 64: What is it that you see in this game? I see a beautiful looking Arwing jet and a great background. I hear great dramatic music, voices, and incredible sound effects. The minute you turn on your N64, you'll see "STARFOX"..."IN"...."NINTENDO 64", followed by a cinematic sequence that makes me think how magnificent Nintendo 64 really is. The introduction of Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi could not have been better.


Like I said before, the graphics in Star Fox 64 are magnificent. The Arwing has lots of maneuvers such as the barrel rolls, the U-Turn, and Somersault. When I hear Peppy say "Try a somersault," it really puts me in the game, hey wait, I'll tell you about the Rumble Pak. The explosions in this game are a great effect. Miyamoto didn't just want an enemy to explode, but explode and then hit the ground and explode again!! The water in Corneria and Zones to the lava in Solar to the asteroids in Meteo just get you going. At many points in the game, you can't even count how many enemies are on screen at once. Katina, the level that's like "Independence Day" has more detailed and well animated space crafts flying around the mothership than Independence Day: The Video Game for the PlayStation or the PC. The graphics in this game are 2nd best on my list after Super Mario 64, what a coincidence, they're both on Nintendo 64. Then again, the graphics really couldn't have been much better. I give them a great 10/10.


The music is great in this game, some people didn't like the music, it well matched what was going on in the game, it was a great dramatic soundtrack. The ending music was great. Sometimes it would get repetitive, but how much can one notice about a game? The music was good, it was the worst part about the game, but still, it was GOOD!!! It, by itself deserves a 9.8/10.


Now the voices, for some time after the game, I wondered to myself, the amount of voice in this game is more than most PSX and Saturn games, 32 megs of voice, whoah!!! Nintendo really knows how to prove it to the public. Prove What?? Well, my friends would tell me that the graphics, control, and fun factor on Nintendo 64 were better than any other consoles. Their only gripe was that not much conversation was it able to handle. Star Fox 64 helped that problem A LOT!! The voices were clean too. The sound effects were also top notch, from the explosions to your laser. This topic deserves a 10/10.


The one thing that I thought would be bad about the game was replay value. I thought with all this cool stuff fit inside a 96 meg cartridge, there would be no room for a non-slowdown battle mode. Boy, was I wrong. The battle has almost no slowdown. Out of the two tracks in my favorite mode, Battle Royal, after getting a certain amount of medals (HARD!), you can ride in a Landmaster Tank, or be on foot with a bazooka. ALL AT ONCE. This alone will help the replay value. It's a definite 10/10.


Boy, this game was really fun, I'm an average gamer, and sometimes games that are too hard irritate me and stop me from playing, but this game wasn't that hard (Getting Medals is hard). It was very fun trying to destroy the hard Star Wolf team on Venom, as well as a number of other things, like fighting Andross, who is my second best villain in a video game after Bowser from Mario 64. This fun is too much fun, especially with tank hovering. FUN FUN FUN. 4 player mode FUN FUN FUN. The rumble pak is also great with its vibrations. 10/10

OVERALL: 10/10

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