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Star Fox 64

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Phil Kehoe In following with the tradition of Nintendo 64 games so far, Nintendo has released yet another update to a classic game from the past. Their have been some mixed results. Mario 64 is considered one of the best games of all times while in Mario Kart's case many people still prefer the original. Star Fox 64 is definitely along the lines of Mario 64. It is a fantastic update to an already awesome game.

Graphics (4.7/5/0)

The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen in a next-generation system. The game moves very quickly and smoothly even though there can be many things on the screen. Slowdown rarely occurs. Only during a couple of bosses when they are firing super weapons or dying. This is one of those games where you see something on the screen and your jaw just drops to the floor. The real-time cinemas are fabulous and they really set the mood for the missions ahead. One problem I did notice with the graphics is that big ships look pixelated when they are far away and then kind of clear up when they get closer. The best thing about the graphics those is the fact that they can show these visuals with NO FOGGING that has plagued Turok. Two things that are must sees for any video game player is the lava level (Solar) and Andross himself. I think Andross replaces the T-Rex in Turok as the most impressive boss I've ever seen.

Sound/Music (4.9/5.0)

The great thing about Star fox 64 is that not only do the graphics totally amaze but so does the sound. I couldn't believe not only how much everybody says but also how many different characters there are that have their own voices. When the game starts and a voice reads the prologue to you, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Everything is crystal clear and must be played through a Dolby system to be appreciated. Everybody has been complaining about the music but to be honest with you I didn't even notice music was playing. After playing all night I took a rest and was thinking about the game and I couldn't even remember what the music sounded like. But I did like the music in the easy ending. Very impressive. I guess I will have to listen to my free music CD.

Gameplay (5.0/5.0)

It doesn't get any better than this for a shooting game. The N64 pad is used to its fullest as you use every button that you can reach while using the analog pad. Speaking of the analog stick, playing a game of this genre will never be the same. Star fox 64 is the kind of game that analog sticks are made for. Everything on the screen moves precisely with you movements. I suggest taking one trip through the training mode and you will have every move down. The rumble pak also adds to the game. I never will play without it. It even adds to the gameplay. Here is one situation. Enemies love attacking from behind well sometimes you might be at the top of the screen when you get shot and don't see the blast, well the rumble pak lets you know that you got shot. I can't wait for more games to come out that support it. The tank is also very fun (I haven't made it to the submarine level yet) and easy to control.

Overall (4.86/5.0)

Let's face it. For the coming months it just might not get any better than this. Everything about this game yells Nintendo and the kind of games they create. You know why you bought a Nintendo 64. To play Miyamoto games. Well here is only of the greatest creations he has ever accomplished. Its just too bad that we have to wait a couple months for another game from him. Buy this game, don't even think about renting it. Next to Mario and Wave Race, this is the best reason to own a N64.

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