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South Park 64

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Reviewed by Raymond Almeda This game begins with a warning: "The following game contains coarse language, and due to its content should not be played by anyone." Well, they almost got it right. In the above sentence, just insert "lack of" between "its" and "content." A long time ago, a company named Acclaim had a bad reputation. They were notorious for putting out horrible games with great licenses, just to try and sell a lot of product thanks to name recognition. Acclaim was more than a little bit responsible for the current thinking that games with big licenses suck. That was the old Acclaim, though. The new Acclaim is responsible for the great Turok series, as well as some great sports games. Gone are the days of big licenses, and horrible games at Acclaim, right? Nope. Just take a look at South Park! "Wha? Wha? What?" you're probably asking yourself. ANT's first impression raved about this games brilliant use of humor, and great translation of the South Park universe. All of that is true. When you first turn on this game, you will be laughing your head off. You will be awed by the sight of the entire town of South Park rendered in full 3D. You will burst a lung laughing at Cartman. Your first impressions will be ones of amazement, too! The problem starts when you look past the game's humor and into its actual gameplay. Or, rather, the lack thereof. South Park's single player mode is virtually nonexistent. You walk around, you find the other kids, and you "knock-out" hundreds of turkeys (or clones, or toys, or whatever). That's it. No objectives, no mazes, no puzzles, nothing. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a little straightforward shoot-em' up action can be fun. South Park, though, is simply one of the most repetitive games I have ever played. You will quickly grow tired of doing the same things over and over, I promise. Let's take the very first level, for example. You "knock-out" turkeys. That's it. Okay, you do have to find the other kids, but it isn't much of a search. You simply follow the street, and there they are. Then the turkeys start coming. Then you hit them with snowballs. Over, and over, and over, and over.. Sound like fun? The really sad part about South Park 64 is that it had so much potential. The technical aspects of the game are great. South Park's translation of the 2D show into 3D is spectacular. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to step into a cartoon, then you need to try this game. The graphics are wonderful, no way around it, especially in high-res via the RAM Expansion Pak. South Park's use of speech is also extremely impressive. Some of the funniest audio clips you'll ever hear are included in this game. Acclaim must have sweet-talked the censors at Nintendo for many months to get in the amount of profanity that comes bundled with this game. This game's use of audio will have you rolling on the floor, at least the first couple of times you play it. Then it becomes as repetitive as the rest of the game. South Park's controls are exactly like Turok 2's. If you liked T2's control scheme, then you'll love South Park's. If you are one of the people that think Turok 2's control scheme should die a miserable death and go to hell, well then you'll think the same thing about South Park. You can try and guess in which group you'll find this reviewer. South Park's one redeeming quality is the game's multi-player mode. This game is the ultimate party game. With its element of humor, this game's multiplayer ranks up there with the best. Although GoldenEye is still the best overall, South Park takes the cake for humor and attitude. Besides, when was the last time you heard James Bond exclaim, "I'm gonna kick you in the nuts"? South Park 64 turns out to be a fun fix for those of us who love the show, but a mediocre game for the rest of the world. The game's multiplayer may be fun enough to warrant a purchase, but definitely rent the game first and see for yourself. If you don't, you may be screaming, "Acclaim killed South Park! You bastards!" You didn't actually think I was going to go through an entire South Park review without working in that quote, did you?

Overall 7.25 out of 10

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