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Snowboard Kids

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Reviewed by Timothy Brown Snowboard Kids is a great game with tricks, cheats, secret characters and stages. You choose your character from five Kids, all with individual talents and skills. Board choosing is based on you character and the stage you are going to race on. There are also Special hidden boards these help in speed, tricks, and handling. The Stages in Snowboard Kids are fun and challenging in themselves. Every "Kid" has a few special tricks and regular tricks and board grabs. Although there are no REAL special tricks, other than 360's and flips, the special tricks that are there are challenging and worth the effort. To keep up with or hold your place in a race, there are coins worth 100G's each. You need these to hit boxes, or "stores", on the track. These boxes are either red or blue. Red boxes can help to catch up to others ahead of you. They are called Shots. There are several different shots available. These shots are triggered simply by the Z button (there is no controller setup, but that's not bad). The computers can also pick up these boxes. The Blue boxes are called Items. They help you out if you are far behind or in trouble. They range from a rat that steals everyone else's money to pie pans that fall from the sky to crush opponents. You can get a fan that speeds you up or a Ghost that slows Player 1 or 2 down. There is not only races against the computer, but you can also race the clock in Time Attack mode. This is simply a race against the clock to get the fastest time you can. There are no other Kids on the track but you. There are also no boxes or coins. There are also three other games called Skill Games. These are Trick Game, Shot Game, or Speed Game. In Trick Game, you do as many tricks, 360's, or grabs as you can (including one rail slide at the end) to get as many points as you can. Shot Game is that you get shots, no particular ones just bullet like things, and shots as many snowmen as you can as you go down the track. Speed Game is one in which you collect as many Fan Items on the track as you go down to get a high score.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics for this game are great although at some places you can see flat things that are meant to be or are usually round or 3D. The tricks are see-able, the tracks are great, and the characters have good graphics. They are 3D although some parts of them seem to be less rounded than they should be. Other than some slight, but really not that important, graphic mis-haps, this games graphics are great.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

The music is not bad as long as you like that sort of thing, but the sound can sometimes become annoying. Like when "Tommy" gets hit he always makes a 'Homer' sound. After a while this becomes annoying. When you crash when doing a trick or your hit a wall, the characters make an ouch sound. This is not really not annoying, but rather funnily annoying. (funnily?!?) When you use items or shots the sounds are appropriate to the type of thing it is.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

Some of the tricks are tough and take a while to master. Getting extra tracks or characters (Shinobin) is hard because you must first beat certain things or people. To win a race is kind of challenging because the computers can also pick up items and shots. To get in the lift, you can't be too close to another or you will bounce around until he gets out of your way. The Skill Games are challenging to do almost perfectly to achieve the high score. Shinobin is on the last track (though that track is extra) and you must beat him to be able to play as him. He is fast, takes corners smoothly and knows his track inside and out.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

It's just plain fun. You can do different tricks combined, challenge others, challenge yourself, it's just fun! Trying to do tricks, beating computers, or winning a race can sometimes take the fun out of it because if you're like me, you can get mad at those little boggers, you start to feel like they cheat. But once you look at what you are doing or saying, you notice what you're doing is plain fun. Gameplay is easy. The controls are easy to get used to as there are not many buttons.


You can get mad at trying to beat computers or levels. As I said before you realize that it's just fun. You can get a little frustrated, but once you get it down pat, you have fun. Sometimes, it seems you can't beat it or you want to cheat somehow.

Replayability 4 out of 10

The Replay is only available in the Time Attack mode, but it does not show the entire thing. It shows jumps and some tricks, although the cameras are already placed and can not change positions. It does not only show the same as what you saw as you raced, but it shows different angles and distances which makes it fun to watch.

Game Value 6 out of 10

I'd say that this game is worth its price. It's fun, challenging, but not expensive and over worked on. The price set for it is probably the best price I can think of. The Gameplay and graphic are worth the price.

Overall 8 out of 10

As a conclusion, I'd like to say that this game is worth it as long as you're not into all these crazy, motion-sickness games. This game is fun, challenging and all around "neat-o". This game is a factious type of game, but has realistic things in it. This game is a plus.

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