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Snowboard Kids

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Reviewed by Raymond Almeda Snowboard Kids might best be described as "Mario Kart on Snow." Or at least that seems to have been the developers' idea. This snowboarding title is a far cry from the intense realism of Nintendo's own 1080* Snowboarding, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. While 1080* is the snowboarding game of the year, Snowboard Kids provides a fun (and yes, cute) alternative with an heavy emphasis on multiplay. The game itself involves racing a cast of cutesy/deformed characters down a series of colorful snowboard slopes. Unlike the sprite-based Mario Kart, Snowboard Kids appears to use polygon-based racers. If one didn't know better, one might call this "real-time dynamic animation" (RDA); but of course, Rare already snagged that particular catchphrase with its Diddy Kong Racing. Simply stated, the cartoon-inspired cutesy graphics here are impressive. As with a certain kart racing game we all know and love, the slopes of Snowboard Kids are littered with assorted "power-ups." Racers can wield objects like flying frying pans, ghosts, etc. to smack the competition. For some reason, there are few things in life more fun than abusing one's friends in video games. Snowboard Kids delivers a memorable split screen multiplay experience for up to four players. Snowboard Kids may not win any awards for originality, but there's no denying that it is a well designed game. Despite the trendy snowboarding theme, there is no attempt whatsoever to convey a realistic simulation of the sport. The title is instead targeted towards younger players who seek a fresh alternative to Mario Kart.

Overall 7.75 out of 10

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