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Snowboard Kids

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Reviewed by Aden Well, another "Weapons enchanced racer" has hit the 64 but this one is just a little different. Mario Kart had Karts, Diddy Kong added two new additions, hover and plane. Now we have snowboards.

Graphics A

The graphics are fully polygons and have really cool textures that showoff the power of the system It is the second game to use RDA technology, which was used in Diddy Kong Racing, and that had good graphics. The characters look really cool, (except for their huge noses). The courses never fail to amaze me with many routes cool backgrounds and even though there is only 9 courses, they are very long and I really like how you do another lap, you have to wait in a cue and then go up a chair lift to the top of the mountain, which is pretty cool. Snowboard Kids has one downside though, speed, now I'm not talking about frame rate here, which is silky smooth it's they always go at a slow speed, but if your not a snowboard freak then this shouldn't affect you too much.

Music and Sound D+

The music is pretty bad it is monotones and even has some beeps in it (remember NES anyone???) but it still doesn't get annoying at least. The characters have some funny voices although they never seem to say proper words and like the music Sound FX is also bad they are quite beepy as usual.

Game Challenge B

The game is quite a challenge it has six super hard courses with three challengers that really give you a good beating and just when you come to rest another course opens up! and then another! and another! and once you've done all that you still have to beat your mates in the Multiplayer mode which can be hard in it's own right. It will take an advanced gameplayer two weeks to complete it but then you can always try for high stunt scores on Animal land, the stunt track or see how many snowmen you can shoot on the first three courses.

Game Play-Fun A+

This game is really good fun, trust me you will not be able to stop playing it until you finish. The multiplayer is also fantastic, probably around the top five games on the system.

Rumble Pak C+

The rumble pak is fairly good on snowboard kids, but I don't think it rumbles enough. Oh well at least you won't run out of batteries.


Judging by the games difficulty you would probably think your N64 pad would be buried in your head but No the game isn't Frustrating at all it has about a frustration level about a quarter as bad as top gear rally, remember how your car drove up walls and everything and only to find you were facing the wrong way UGHHH! Some times it gets frustrating, like your in the lead and on the last lap an Item hits you and you come last, as Item severity is quite high.

Replayability C+

This game is fairly replayable you will probably complete it and come back in two months or so but still Multiplayer is great fun so it doesn't really need to be replayable.

Game Value A

Snowboard kids is great Value for money it is a cool game, actually a Freezing game! and it also fits into the cheapest category found in N64 games.

Overall B+

Well snowboard Kids is a fabulous game it is not quite as good as Mario Kart but I still think it beats Diddy Kong Racing.

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