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Rainbow Six

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Reviewed by Andrew Pressley Rainbow Six is a spectacular game indeed, especially for those who like action and are familiar with the Z button. It is somewhat like Goldeneye, Rare's 1997 smash hit for the Goldeneye 64, but with somewhat less electronic things, if you know what I mean, (the main objective is usually to kill all of the terrorists or to rescue a hostage.) You don't have to mess around with finding keycards to open certain doors in all of the levels. You can pick the lock to locked doors with a kit or just plain blow the doorknob off with a benneli shotgun. Rainbow Six doesn't have any cheat codes for the quick start option, or at least I don't know of any. That is except for the one that gives you all of the levels. Now for the graphics rating.

Graphics 8.8 out of 9.3

Most people, when they play action games like Rainbow Six, all they care about is the gameplay. If they are anything like me, they are "shoot then ask questions" kind of people. They don't take the time to stop and admire the scenery. I bet you're thinking, "Who gives a flip about the scenery? This is an action game!" That's what I'm trying to say! Games like Rainbow Six are about the gameplay, not the graphics. Even though they are pretty good, when it comes to the scenery factor of the graphics of Rainbow Six, no one really cares. However, the design of the weapons the enemies and fellow members of the team are carrying are awesome.

Music and Sound 9.3 out of 9.3

The only comment I have on the sound is this: The sound, and especially the music adds tension to the game. The creators did an excellent job on the bullets being fired from the weapons; the sounds were very life like.

Game Challenge 9.2 out of 9.3

Rainbow Six offers a challenge that can be adjusted in two ways. You have three options for the difficulty level which can be changed manually, and there is an Auto Aim option which makes you automatically aim for the enemies head, making you lose less ammo. All in all, Rainbow Six offers a good challenge for an amateur.

Game Play-Fun 8.4 out of 9.3

The only reason the gameplay is low on the fun factor is because of two things, one of which can be adjusted. They are: The music is really freaky, but you can turn that off. The other thing is that you spend more time on the planning screen than you do during the missions, so it's less action that you'll be experiencing.

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