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Rainbow Six

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Reviewed by AJ Pressley If you're like me, you like books and video games that really draw you into the story; games like Goldeneye. If you are bored with your video games, and you want something that is really realistic; something that plays scary music whenever the enemies die, (and I do mean scary. Well, not really scary, but freaky music). If you feel this way, then I recommend that you buy, or rent, (whichever you prefer), the game Rainbow Six for the N64. Rainbow Six is an first-person shooter based on the smash hit book by Tom Clancy. The game features some cool weapons like the German MP5 submachine gun and the M-16 assault rifle. The game also has a cool selection of pistols, grenades, tool kits, and 21 different outfits that will have you customizing your arsenal and your appearance for months after months after months. The first question that you're probably gonna ask is,"Well, you've already given me so many reasons to play the game, but are the graphics any good?" Well, if you keep reading my review then you'll find out.

Graphics: 9.6 out of 10

As you can tell by my score above, the graphics, in my opinion, are very good. Sharp framerates, detailed character animations, are you satisfied? The graphics are good, very good. However, there is one downfall to the graphics. If an enemy dies when you shoot him from behind and he is on a staircase, when he falls down, his body will not land at an angle like a normal body would when it falls. Otherwise, the graphics are very crisp; an overall pleasure.

Music and Sound: 10 out of 10

Now its time we discussed the scarier side of Rainbow Six. The music, if I described everything, it would take up a big space on this review. The first time you play the game, prepare your heart for its first big thud. Be especially ready when you open a door that isn't locked, because a small, sometimes extremely scary, piece of music. If a terrorist is inside, that makes it worse. As far as the sound goes, the game consists of some pretty realistic death screams. Note: You only will hear a death scream whenever one of your team members dies. The guns sound great when fired, and the game contrasts the amount of sound you make when you walk, depending on how heavy your body armor is, but we'll talk about that later. Wondering how difficult the game is? I've got the inside scoop coming up next.

Game Challenge: 8.3 out of 10

Basically, Rainbow Six has three difficulty levels that can be adjusted at the execute screen. They are: Recruit, (easy), Veteran, (medium), and Elite, (hard). Until you get used to the controls and the game play, I recommend that you play on the easy setting. The difference is that Recruit contains less enemies who are a bit stupider than normal. Elite contains more enemies that are located in more, shall we say, "strategic" positions. These enemies are also a bit quicker on the trigger, so once you get to Elite, you need to watch yourself, big time. Okay, now for the game highlights.

Game Play-Fun: 10 out of 10

One good thing about Rainbow Six is that it only takes up 19 pages on a memory card, so that you can enjoy not having to erase your saved data. It is extremely fun to shoot the terrorists, especially since they don't disappear when you shoot them. On the game options menu, you can change it to where the bodies of the dead terrorists disappear, though. Another interesting thing about Rainbow Six is the gore level. Amazingly, Rainbow Six did not receive an M, (mature) rating. Realistic death screams is one thing. Seeing blood gush out of a tango's neck after he falls down is another. Note: A tango is a term counter-terrorist teams use to identify terrorists. In other words, the tangos are the bad guys. So whenever you shoot a terrorist and hear someone say,"Tango down!", or, "Got him!", or, "Threat neutralized!", then you will know that it means that you have just killed a bad guy.


Rainbow Six can be frustrating in three ways: If you are seen by any enemies in Level 8, you will have to start over. If all of your operatives, (team-mates), die and you die, you, obviously, will have to start over. If a terrorist sees you, and he is in the room where the hostage(s) is, sometimes he will shoot one of them. If so, the mission is a failure.

Replayability: 10 out of 10

One great feature of Rainbow Six is the Quick Start option. It is the first option at the main menu. If you insert your memory card before you select it, it will load your data, and you will automatically be taken to a screen from which you can replay any level you have already beaten.

Overall: 9.8 out of 10

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